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Help Starting a cleaning. Business

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porsche112 Tue 07-Jun-16 20:25:32

Hi I am looking for Alot of advice on starting up a domestic cleaning business asvertising, the initial meeting with clients to price jobs ,cleaning products , paper work.neesed , insurance the whole lot hmm I am a 35 yr old single mum of 6 I. work evenings as a support worker 4-11pm and every other weekend while my mother takes care of the kids and I'm tired of it ... I enjoy cleaning and Thought this job role will fit in perfectly with my family. So I can be home at the weekends. But I am terrified that I won't know what I'm doing and feel I will fail with the lack of info so please help me by telling me step by step how other cleaners succeed and get regular clients. Thank you in advance

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plipplops Sat 18-Jun-16 17:26:09

We have a cleaner, she's a mum friend type, I pay her £10 an hour. I assume it's cash in hand (although she may declare it I have no idea). Good cleaners are like gold dust I would imagine a post on Facebook that says something like "anyone know anyone who needs a reliable cleaner?" would be enough to get a couple of customers and go from there. We have a 4 bed 1 reception 2 bathroom (plus downstairs loo) house, she does 2 hours a week (so maybe a bigger house might need 2.5 or 3 hours). She uses all our products and vacuum cleaner. If we need to cancel one week for some reason we do, and if she can't do one week because of her kids or some other commitment that's fine too so it's a v relaxed arrangement, but she shows up at the time we expect her otherwise. This doesn't really answer your question if you want to set up a proper company, but if you just wanted to get going then you definitely could...

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