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Franchise, hmmmmm?

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originalmavis Sun 17-Apr-16 19:36:17

I was wondering jacking in the 9-5 madness to take on a Franchise teaching English classes to children.

I live in an area with a very high % of immigrants and expats so see potential in it.

I don't know anyone who has run a franchise. Is this madness?

IceMaiden73 Sat 23-Apr-16 12:14:32

You need to look VERY carefully at the costs associated with a franchise, what the tie in period is, etc

Also, how will you pay the franchise costs if you don't get enough students?

plipplops Tue 10-May-16 20:09:29

Are they a member of the British Franchise Association? It shows they use good practise etc. I'm considering buying a (very different) franchise, but feel totally confident that what I'm getting for the money is a rock solid business plant eat brand and fabulous support all the way. If you don't feel that, don't do it. If they're good then it can be a great opportunity.

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