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Starting a business - sewing - where do I start?

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Katymac Wed 13-Apr-16 15:57:19

I have a small part-time job which covers my basic expenses.

I have always sewn - I can do basic repairs, make clothes, do simple alterations, make home furnishings, and do upholstery. I can also embellish things (dance wear, clothing, household objects)

I need a name and I need an advertising plan

I am always know as "DD's Mum" and at the Ballet Show last year (Large Theatre) it was announced that the costumes were done by person's name, person's name and of course DD's Mum who did x, y, z

So do I use her name? or my name? or my nickname - which came about because my Nana's knitted and had little labels embroidered with "Handmade by Joey Mac" & I loved them so much she had some made for me "Handmade by Katy Mac"

So far I have.....from a brain storming session with one of DD's friends

......maybe handwash?" as a sort of name for making/embellishing stuff?
Or maybe "By DD's Mum"

As I may be embellishing clothes already made with washing instructions I feel I need to mention handwash somehow

Making dance clothes, costumes and embellishing bought clothes
Crystals, applique etc

edited by

I don't like the words "Dance Wear" etc or sewn by

"made pretty by"

"Embellished by"

"Decorated by"

"Improved by"

"Improved by KatyMac" & "Suggest hand washing" / "Wash carefully"

"Amended by KatyMac" & "Prefers handwashing"

"Tweaked by KatyMac"

"Enhanced by KatyMac"

So as you see I got precisely no-where - I thought I'd put it in Arts & Crafts too as it's their sort of thing....


twoandahalftimesthree Wed 08-Jun-16 00:03:55 is available so snap it up quick- it's a really charming name and it's real too. Don't worry too much about exactly what you are going to do, start with what you think will be most popular of course but experiment with ideas and your customers will show you what they want by buying it.
For advertising, you have to work out who your customers are and where they hang out- I suggest starting a Facebook business page would be the best place to start, post regularly and ask everyone you know to share it. You can link it to your webpage which can initially just be a static page introducing you and what you can do for people.

Katymac Wed 08-Jun-16 00:17:26

Thanks twoandahalftimesthree

I sent you a PM

Katymac Wed 08-Jun-16 00:53:05

& I'm in the middle of planning a dress grin, making a dress grin, altering 3 dresses grin and making a roman blind wink

Life is good

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