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So in just over 3 weeks I am unemployed - are these stupid ideas?

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Katymac Tue 08-Mar-16 21:45:01

So I can do emergency childcare - if they are too ill for school/nursery but you have to go in (what to call it and how much to charge)

I can do babysitting - what do people charge nowadays?

I can do basic upholstery, soft furnishings

I can do sewing alterations, make dancewear, dunno yet if they are good enough to sell

So can I will I make enough to support 2 of us? Food & Petrol only, oh and anything new < gulp >

Panicking a bit!

MoonlightandMusic Tue 08-Mar-16 22:23:41

Am I right in thinking you're fairly well qualified in childcare?
If yes then the emergency childcare one is a brilliant idea - only thing is you might need more than one of you to keep the business coming in. You could leaflet local companies and schools about it now with a date from when it will start. Also, would you be able to mention it to people wherever you're working at the moment?

For fees, think you'd need to base it on general childminder daily rate plus a small premium - maybe 10%?

For babysitting - I'd generally pay around £10 - £12ph where we are, and that's for non-qualified. Think our nursery staff charge closer to £15ph.

The dancewear - could you try putting a few pieces on F'book/Etsy/Folksy to see if it might take off?

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Tue 08-Mar-16 22:32:34

The first one sounds like an emergency nanny. They cost a bomb relative to childminders. Good for you though!

Do you have a local emergency nanny and/or babysitting service you could work for? If not, set one up. There is work there, it's relatively low overheads because you don't need to employ anyone and you can take jobs yourself. I'd look at what others are doing in the field and copy the best bits for your business.

Katymac Tue 08-Mar-16 22:41:54

Moonlight that pricing wouldn't work as CMers charge £5 an hour round here so that (even plus 10%) is only £5.50

I have a level 7 (rolls eyes)

If Babysitting pays £10 an hour I'll just do that wink - I think I may have to move tho'

Not sure about an agency - I don't want to be in charge anymore

VegasIsBest Tue 08-Mar-16 22:44:21

No advice I'm afraid but just wanted to say well done for thinking creatively about opportunities. With this positive approach something is bound to come up. Good luck.

MoonlightandMusic Tue 08-Mar-16 23:44:26

No, that definitely wouldn't work on the CM bit. Although, from Moving's post it sounds as though people are happy to pay well over that when it comes to the short-notice side.

Katymac Wed 09-Mar-16 07:49:56

Yes emergency nannying might work

& someone has suggested registering as a theatre chaperon which could be good too (I'll need to look at logistics for that)

Katymac Wed 09-Mar-16 07:52:28

Thanks Vegas - my Degree is systems analysis and change management, so hopefully I think outside the box......& occasionally change the box into a small cat as it fits my preconceived ideas better (sorry Systems Joke - people don't like the situation so change it in their minds to something 'nicer' wink)

MrsJamin Wed 09-Mar-16 08:01:10

Where in the country are you OP?

Katymac Wed 09-Mar-16 08:07:07

East Norfolk

Quite remote wink

Bluecarrot Wed 09-Mar-16 08:14:03

Going with the sewing angle, I've no idea about how viable/profitable it is but there seems to always be a waiting list for some custom made clothes. Esp nursing and baby stuff.
An example would be scrundies/scrundlewear. Knickers for around £12-15. I made a pair in less than an hour even though I'm a beginner with knits and spent a lot of timing undoing my work! (assume you are not as you can do dance wear)
Maxaloones are a good example of kids wear fetching a good price new.
Might be something quick to supplement bigger pieces like dance wear.

Katymac Wed 09-Mar-16 08:37:55

er not sure I understood all of that wink but I can google and a whole new world opened up for me

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Wed 09-Mar-16 08:59:53

Are there hotels locally that might want to use you for or as the babysitting service?

By agency it doesn't mean necessarily being in charge. In reality it probably means just having you operating as an emergency nanny/babysitter plus having the details of a few pre-vetted (eg you've worked with them before and have CRB info) people who if you had a job that clashed you'd send them instead and get your cut via a booking fee. You wouldn't even be their employer - you're just offering them self employed work. It's much like Sitters do, but with CRB checks (they don't do those and you could ask people to pay for their own before going on your books) and offering a fuller service (eg Sitters babysitters won't pick an older child up from school, they'll only work at the client's home).

So all you'd need would to be findable (online presence is essential but can't beat word of mouth), reputable (some sensible t&cs, liability insurance, clear process and fees) and reliable and that's a nice little low cost business.

I wish I had a business like that locally - would make my life easier!

Katymac Wed 09-Mar-16 21:35:28

Big holiday area round here (just on the edge of the Broads & of Great Yarmouth)

So that is a fab idea


MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Thu 10-Mar-16 14:21:26

smile Good luck!

Also try wedding venues. Having on site childcare/nannies might be something they'd like to offer but without the faff of organising/running it themselves.

ABridalArtist Thu 10-Mar-16 18:13:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Katymac Thu 10-Mar-16 18:29:13

Thanks Abridalartist - but I have massive contact allergies so I'll give Henna a miss - my skin is a nightmare!!

But thanks for the suggestion

ImperialBlether Thu 10-Mar-16 18:31:44

Sitters babysitters do pick up children from school!

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Thu 10-Mar-16 19:23:00

Well you might want to tell whoever deals with their enquiries ImperialBlether because I specifically asked them and they said no.

It caused a massive headache for me at the time because I needed a school pick up.

ImperialBlether Fri 11-Mar-16 14:19:51

I did it for someone I'd sat for in the evenings. They were stuck and asked me and I agreed. They booked through Sitters, but I picked up at school, took them home and cooked them a meal. I did it several times for them. Neither of us mentioned it to Sitters but that wasn't a deliberate thing.

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