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Job-sharing - start up advice needed please!

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civilfawlty Fri 22-Jan-16 19:26:51

Hi there.

I've left my job to start a new business enabling job-sharing.

I want to tell as many potential sharers as possible - because so many people (mostly mothers) I speak to wish they could do it, but don't know how to.

As we are just starting, we're offering brilliant coaching and support for free. It is a great opportunity.

Obviously I used my networks (and friends and family); Insta/twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn; Ada's List.

As well as seeking interest, we are running a survey seeking views on job-sharing with brilliant prizes (a shopping trip with stylist Erica Davies of The-Edited, £300 to spend at John Lewis and a night in the Zetter Hotel) to encourage participation.

I'd be really grateful for suggestions of other ways to reach people. As we are a start up, I don't have a budget to pay for advertising on Mumsnet. So what have other people done, and what am I missing?

All help gratefully received.

Thank you

snowydrops Wed 27-Jan-16 16:17:14

I did something similar ish a few years ago, different product but similar audience. One of the best ways I found was to seek out mum / parent networks on FB in different regions. There are hundreds of them of course but you could narrow down to your target areas to start with, set up your survey with a prize draw / incentive and capture emails addresses. Make sure the incentive is a good one otherwise you won't get many responses.

I'd also look into lots of the new Mum groups popping up:

Mother's Meeting
Mamas Collective Manchester and the like and see if you can get a spot to talk at one of those once you're a bit more established.

How are you planning on recruiting clients (i.e. the organisations) to get on board with the idea?

Is this helpful? Hope so. I am trying to set something up of a similar nature at the moment and struggling to get started too but will get there in the end!!

IceMaiden73 Sun 20-Mar-16 08:36:56

Sorry I'm not clear exactly who your business is aimed it. Is it a recruitment agency for people who want to job share?

How are you going to get employers to get on board with this?

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