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Wanted!! Business names and input into children's party catering concept

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vics73 Tue 19-Jan-16 11:48:15

Would you use an outside caterer who specifically catered for children's parties?

We all want our children's parties to be wonderful stress free days but often a lot of planning is needed, in an already time poor society, i thought I may have a solution to a key stressful element of parties -the catering & possibly more!!

Being a mummy to a 1year old girl, my husband and I are only just dipping our big toe into children's birthday parties but I already for see what lies ahead.

With my passion for cooking, entertaining and being creative I would love to develop a business solution to lots of patents party needs through offering the catering for their little ones parties.

THE PLAN.......

To offer fresh fun party lunch solution from lunch boxes filled full of homemade nibbles from finger sandwiches, fruit salads, veggie & humous pots, mini fairy cakes or perhaps little chocolate brownies. The boxes and portion sizes would be age appropriate. Finished off with a customised name tag and helium balloon to tie in with the party boy/girls colour theme. Or perhaps a child size afternoon tea party. Or a catering solution for a outdoor picnic party.

All the food would be home made, locally sourced, eggs to be free range and all ingredients free from artificial colours, preservative and unnecessary processing aids.
I can customise to meet each party's needs and cater for specific dietary needs.

Taking it to the next level I could offer many on trend party items such as mini milk bottles with fresh home made shakes, large drinks dispensers with colour coordinating paper cups, straws and table wear. I would even offer decorations such as tassel garlands, paper poms, bunting etc etc

The icing on the cake - I would be able to supply simple naked birthday cakes dressed to tie in with the rest of the colour theme.

Not forgetting the big kids - simple catering solution for the adults, sandwiches, tray bakes, scones - whatever your needs are X

Not forgetting the parents.

So names....... I don't want to reference children as it could grow into being something else in the future.

mummy's kitchen
mums kitchen
Homemade Kitchen
homeMaid kitchen
The happy kitchen
Victoria's Kitchen
The Ginger Kitchen

Ok so possibly too many kitchens!

One happy cook!
Etc etc. Etc

I would love to hear other parents thoughts on the concept and potential business names.

Thanks in advance


TiggyD Wed 27-Jan-16 15:58:36

You might do well.
For a party you need food, a venue, some 'entertainment', and decorations. Sounds like you're going to be halfway to a mobile birthday party service rather than a food company. Could you find some entertainers to work with and some naice halls to hire for those with limited space at home? Sell a complete package or parts?

The Bitchin' Party Kitchen?

"The icing on the cake - I would be able to supply...". How about The Icing On The Cake?

Rickydaltons16 Fri 05-Feb-16 15:46:27


I think as you are leaving it open to expand in the future, you should try to stay away from having 'mummy' in the title; as it may be hard to then disassociate yourself with solely kids related food going forward.

'Victoria's Kitchen' is the front runner for me. Firstly you have your name in the title which is a nice personal touch people can relate too. Secondly, you have the association with 'Victoria sponge cake' which is quite fitting and ties in nicely.

Finally, you would be able to create some nice design logos with the characters available.

I hope this helps smile

Tiggeryoubastard Fri 05-Feb-16 15:51:10

'Mummy' in the title makes it sound unprofessional, overly twee, and a bit like those loons that sell homemade shite on Facebook. Have you done any research on your target markets and local demographics?
It's not something I'd personally even consider paying for, but some will, in the right area. But do remember that the people that will pay for this will expect a high end service.

PuppyMonkey Fri 05-Feb-16 15:53:16

I think it needs to be something with Party in the name.

Party Planner
Party Fixer
Party time

But better than those obvs grin

Pointlessfan Fri 05-Feb-16 15:55:11

I think it sounds great. I'm not sure it's something I'd use because I enjoy doing that sort of thing myself but I know other people who I think would use caterers for children's parties.
Make sure you check out things like allergies and gluten-free etc seriously as those a a big concern for many parents and could be a selling point for you.

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