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Part Time Income Idea

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FMAngel Thu 14-Jan-16 20:36:04

I need some feedback please on an idea I have. I have been thinking of holding Private Demos in homes for cleaning products that cuts cleaning time significantly for Free. The demonstrations can be done with friends as well. This would enable the person to get a free clean see how the products work and make a purchase at the end of the demo. If attendees make purchases also, the hostess would also get 10% of total purchases made on the day. Would this be of interest to anyone?

Optimist1 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:49:03

I fear that the demo wouldn't be valuable if the clean was only partial - for example cleaning only a square metre of a carpet, or one of a dozen silver items. To have real value you'd have to do the whole job, and presumably if you're selling a range of products this could turn into a major operation (which would not necessarily be of interest to the invited friends).

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Thu 14-Jan-16 20:54:26

I wouldn't invite my friends over to watch someone clean my house. I'd be a bit mortified if there was loads of dirt,which presumably you would need to demonstrate properly.

Ime people tend to avoid these sorts of selling parties as much as they can.

FMAngel Sun 17-Jan-16 20:50:25

smile. Never looked at it that way. What if The house clean was given for free but purchased the products used and recommended a friend who may wish to do the same, could that be an option?

RudeElf Sun 17-Jan-16 20:58:25

What is FM?

RudeElf Sun 17-Jan-16 21:01:24

Fwiw, IME as a cleaner. People who care about this sort of thing dont let their homes get to a point where they need heavy duty cleaning products (which i am assuming yours are as they cut cleaning time so much, normal cleaning products take little time to clean) and the people who would require heavy duty stuff dont care enough to spend the money you would require to sustain a business. They certainly wont invite their friends to watch you clean their dirty homes.

RudeElf Sun 17-Jan-16 21:02:52

I'm guessing you have been sucked into a forever living type situation and are trying to think of how you can sell this expensive shit that no-one wants?

FMAngel Sun 17-Jan-16 22:23:07

RudeElf No they are not heavy duty products. They are quite gentle on hands you do not require gloves, as they are non corrosive. I have found them useful and I'm sure others would also if they were aware. The demonstrations are to make people aware that they have alternatives, especially if they have sensitive skin. They are also not expensive.

RudeElf Sun 17-Jan-16 22:29:41

Ok what time do they reduce? And what is FM? Is it a pyramid scheme?

Akire Sun 17-Jan-16 22:34:18

Most people tend to be happy using their own cleaning products-most supermarket brands do the job fast and easy so not sure what sort of cleaning job that could be cut down by such a big amount? Spray on bath- wipe off-clean

Even pain in the backside jobs like oven cleaner there's loads of sprays, bags and things already to choose from so most people would have already tried a few brands.

if it's just one wow product that's not very expensive even if everyone buys one or two not really much profit plus your giving the host 10% profit?

FMAngel Sun 24-Jan-16 16:09:33

Ok what time do they reduce?
From my personal experience a significant amount of time as I use to have to set aside at least 2 hrs per week to clean up as I use to have to spend time scouring the stove and bathroom, Now I spray on the cleaners leave them to do what they need to do, while I get on with other things. Its then a quick wipe, now I have been using them for a while the first time I had to spend a bit of time but even then not as much as before. For limescale problem in the bathroom I use to use Cif, which worked for a while, but it would leave me ill for a few days due to the fumes, even if I opened the windows and I had to scrub a bit and finish off with dishwashing liquid to get it looking good. I get even better results with the limesacele remover. The taps are shiny without having to scrub so I love that. My bathroom looks and feels how I like it, without me being so tired afterwards. Most importantly I don't dread cleaning my bathroom in particular due to the fumes and knowing I was going to be ill afterwards.
And what is FM?
I'll make this bit interesting. How about I give you 5 names to chose from and if you get it correct I send you a limescale remover so you can test it for yourself. Here goes:
a. Fragrance Mad
b.Fredrick Mahora
c.Frederico Mahora
d. Fredrick Mahoney
e. Frederico Mahoney
Post the correct name below
Is it a pyramid scheme?
No. Its Direct Sales, more like personalized mail order where you have someone to show you how to get the best from your purchase and give you relevant information. Who doesn't like personalized service?
Pyramid schemes are illegal and get shut down rather quickly. This company just celebrated 10yrs in business.
Hope I have answered your questions sufficientlysmile.

Roseformeplease Sun 24-Jan-16 16:21:02

Cleaning fills up such a tiny part of my life that I would resent the time spent listening / watching.

I also find people trying to sell me something deeply, deeply embarrassing. Not sure why but I would never, never buy this way. I prefer the anonymity of the shops or Internet.

I think you are in a MLM scheme - this kind of scheme means that you will only make money, not from sales, but from building your team. All of you will lose money but the person the highest up the pyramid (and it is a loose form of pyramid) might do a bit better. There is a long-running thread in money here about MLM. Why don't you ask on there before committing any cash, or losing any friends with this business.

FMAngel Sun 24-Jan-16 16:33:41

Thanks for your input.

Bicarb and vinegar are effective and fume free and very cheap. Our house never needs scouring.

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