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Is this worth a shot?

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Hamiltoes Sun 10-Jan-16 14:14:54

Hi all,

Wondering if its possible to have your opinion on an idea I had for a buisness?

First things first I work and have two young kids, so this will probably start as more of a hobby type buisness but would obviously love to progress to something more! So no risk of losing my house and no real damage done if I can't make substantial profits to start.

Basically, I was always frustrated when I had my kids because I like to keep my living room looking "adulty". I just don't like relaxing at the end of the day surrounded by kids things, for example their "toybox" is a metallic chest thing with mirrored panels on the front which I guess is supposed to be a blanket chest or something.

So my idea stemmed from this and its to create childrens items which can tie in a bit more with your living room decor. Take moses baskets for example, I found if I didn't want pink frills and blue teddy bears, it was pretty much plain white. But my living room is silver and I'd have loved to have it in my living room if it had say a silver basket skirt, maybe a delicate lace hood and some flower embellishments for example. Nothing too over the top, I'm think simple and delicate here. Also their little table (it's an IKEA LATT) I'm actually going to spend next weekend painting it silver, upholstering the seats in crushed velvet to match my sofa, and wallpapering the top to match the wallpaper before covering it in clear plastic.

Am I completely mad thinking other people may be in the same boat as me? Does it bother you? And is this something you think people might pay for?

Obviously my mind has ran away with this and i'm invisioning my own boutique childrens decor store where I make moses baskets with bridal grade lace and louis style dining sets... Please help me back down to reality!

I should mention I'm pretty good with sewing, and social media (I made baby clothes while one mat leave and had about 800 followers within the first two weeks, just not alot of money to be made in it for alot of work).

If you goodle dragons of walton street I love their moses baskets but the few thousand price tag not so much!

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

ftmsoon Sun 10-Jan-16 14:42:51

TBH, it wouldn't even cross my mind to match kid's things to my decor, but I guess it might be a thing for people who are more house proud.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Sun 10-Jan-16 15:09:12

It would be a very, very niche market, and,to be honest, you already get really nice 'grownup' storage boxes for £20-30 which most people would go for. I have never heard of anyone wanting their moses basket to match their living room, nursery, possibly, but not living room.

If you can sew there are a million things you can do to make money, curtains and cushion covers would be brilliant if you want to go to the interior design sort of route.

Hamiltoes Sun 10-Jan-16 18:02:34

Thanks for the feedback! I'd love to make curtains and cushion covers, it would just be very hard to compete with the shop bought stuff as theres so much out there for so cheap already!

I thought perhaps moses baskets/ cribs etc would be something a bit different.

Thanks for the feedback

Honestly, I would find it a bit sad to make kids stuff look adult - kind of taking the fun out of it and making the kiddy stuff look like an inconvenience.

I don't think there would be much of a market for it, and most people add frilly stuff to baskets etc themselves, cheap as chips, if they are into that kinda thing.

Most people into that frilly kinda stuff are people who like to craft and 'upcycle' at home

Replace frilly with lacey/floral embellished and you have the same thing!

thinkbeforeyoupost Mon 25-Apr-16 13:14:45

Honestly, I would find it a bit sad to make kids stuff look adult - kind of taking the fun out of it and making the kiddy stuff look like an inconvenience.

This!! Totally my thoughts

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