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Anyone know how to transfer contacts from windows phone to iPhone?

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S7yiler Mon 23-Nov-15 07:47:33

I owned an old Windows phone and bought an iPhone 6S Plus. I have a lot of contacts on the old Windows phone and currently seek for a solution to easily transfer the contacts from Windows phone to the iPhone.

Anyone did that before? Please advise!

YouMakeMyDreams Mon 23-Nov-15 07:53:11

Hmm I'm sure I did it via blue tooth can't remember how though. Despite my protests to dh that you can't transfer data via bluetooth and iPhone I'm fairly certain I had to admit he was right. Can't remember how though so no help and that was definitely a windows phone as well.

Jiohnduck Tue 24-Nov-15 03:42:29

I know there are two methods for you to transfer contacts from windows phone to iPhone.

1) Try to professional phone transfer app, safe, fast, easy but not free. I personally purchase it and used it to transfer 300+ contacts from my BlackBerry to my iPhone, it also works with y our windows phone as well as Android phone.

2) If you keep your contacts and calendars in an online account such as Google or Outlook.com, you can just set up the account on your Windows Phone and they'll sync to it automatically. To learn how to transfer other things from your iPhone

Hope my answer helps!

DoctorTwo Tue 24-Nov-15 04:08:16

When my last phone (5yr old Nokia) started to lose battery too quickly I bought a new Windows phone. Unfortunately my old sim didn't fit as the new phone has the micro sim. I looked at how to transfer contacts and the easiest way was by bluetooth. So I switched it on on both phones and it did it automatically within about 20 seconds.

S7yiler Tue 24-Nov-15 04:13:26

thank u for the reply. I will check out soon

Werfkjl Fri 29-Jul-16 08:24:35

Have you sync your contacts with gmail account? Or you can save contacts to email. Then you can restore them on your new iPhones. The direct contact transfer way is phone transfer tool:

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