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Anyone advise me how selling jewellery to shops works?

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fakenamefornow Fri 13-Nov-15 21:25:06

I have a jewellery collection I want to sell and want to do wholesale to independent shops. I have small display cabinets that can be used as well. How do I approach business owners? Do they just buy the jewellery from me or do I just see if they'll take a display case and they only give me money for what they sell.

I'm all new to this so any advice is much appreciated

MamaVikki Wed 18-Nov-15 12:32:35

Hi, I'm a silversmith and jeweller. I currently have my jewellery collection in 2 galleries. I don't provide them with cabinets and it's just for the Christmas period (now to Jan) so not quite the same as you but thought I would let you know how this works. Most shops do this on a sale or return basis. I guess this suits them better than me which is why I only do this at Christmas time. They take between 30 and 45% commission. Make sure you have insurance in case anything gets damaged or goes missing. I always write an inventory of everything I'm handing over (including jewellery pouches etc). One gallery had their own contract (which is quite rare!), the other didn't but I turn up with my inventory and I write down everything we have agreed to verbally and give them a copy. I find that at this time of the year this is well worth my while. At other times of the year I prefer selling myself at craft fairs and online.
Hope that helps

fakenamefornow Wed 18-Nov-15 14:22:05

Oh, that's really helpful, thank you so much for replying.

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