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Family retreat

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HanDye1 Wed 11-Nov-15 10:29:07

I'm after some feedback/constructive thoughts on an idea I've had. I'm thinking of starting a business where families can come to stay for the weekend (maybe longer in the school holidays) where they can escape every day life, relax, breathe some country air etc.
The idea would be that each family has their own self-contained accommodation, maybe something like a shepherds hut, but we cook communally.
We would have activities each day such as digging up veg for lunch and dinner, bread making, foraging in the woods for fire wood. I'm hoping to include family meditation sessions too.
I'm not an eco warrior but we try to live as environmentally consciously as we can in our everyday life (where practical). I'm hoping this venture would help us be more so. We would run it as sustainably as possible so it could also be a little educational for those coming to stay but without forcing it upon people or making them feel guilty if their homes aren't as green as they could be (we can't can't all be 100% eco...maybe if we lived off grid somewhere), but I hope you get what I could be about showing how small, cheap changes can help us save money, and the environment etc.
Looking forward to seeing what you all think. Thank you, Hannah x

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