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Anyone a pilates instructor / teacher?

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snowydrops Mon 27-Jul-15 17:56:57

I am currently on Mat leave with second child and considering re training as a Pilates instructor with additional pre and post natal exercise specialism. I am fit and active, do a lot of yoga, pilates, zumba and love it and starting to think it would be a more family friendly career for the next ten years than what I currently do.

DOes anyone on here do it? Locally there's no one providing anything for pregnant ladies or new mums without at least a 20 min drive and I live in quite a busy (lots of young families) area.

Money is not a major concern but obviously I would want to make some sort of income from it. I am hoping it will lessen my need to childcare a little and allow me to be the main carer for my children yet retain some independence. I would hope to increase my work load once my youngest is in nursery in a couple of years.

Currently I work 3 days a week in a mid level managerial role which I quite like but it's set to get a lot more stressful and I have not been offered a pay rise or change in title / promotion so I am thinking of other options. I have worked freelance previously so have a company set up and could continue to potentially do a bit of freelance work on the side of the pilates as and when I had time.

Can anyone offer advice on training / their experiences? I would consider other avenues but am personally most interested in either pilates or yoga as although I love dance I am not the best dancer so don't feel I could instruct others!!

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