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Help/ideas needed for new business venture!

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Helenmelon78 Thu 18-Jun-15 21:20:02

Hello, I'm thinking of setting up a play gym & wondered if anyone else out there had done similar & could give me any tips/ideas of cost etc.
Also need help from all you lovely parents/carers as to what you would want/not want in a play gym, prices, food... - any ideas welcome.Thank you :-)

semi Tue 23-Jun-15 15:43:27

If you are in London - The British Library would be a great place to start your research - lots of reports e.g. Mintel, Datamonitor that would cost a fortune to access otherwise.
A couple of questions - what is a play gym? Is this something new? What age group/s? Key considerations for this business will be running costs - staff, food provision, rent etc. Maybe worth doing some initial research to develop your proposition then pitching the idea to Mners who will be sure to give you some honest feedback. Hope all goes well!

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