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Miniature Pony Parties

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Micsampip1 Wed 21-Jan-15 22:40:22


I am hoping to set up a business running miniature pony parties at our animal education centre. Parties could be themed. Children would be able to groom ponies and put ribbons etc in their mane and tail. They would be able to lead them round an obstacle course and a mini walk. They could do a variety of pony party games and have the chance to buy extras such a face painting, painting ceramic horses, pin the tail on the pony etc. I would really appreciate parents opinions on the following:

1. Is this the kind of party your children would enjoy?
2. Would you expect food?
3. I'm thinking of running parties for an 1hr, 1.5hrs and 2hrs - for max 8 children due to health and safety. How much would you expect to pay?
4. Would you be put off with only being able to accommodate smaller numbers to the party?
5. Would your children like other animals to pet such as guinea pigs or would they like to feed other animals like sheep/pigs as part of their party or would it be better to stick to the ponies?

Please feel free to add any other comments.


AgentProvocateur Wed 21-Jan-15 22:55:29

Don't think I'm your target market as my DS are 19 and 20, but I think it sounds like the type of party I would have LOVED when I was young. Great idea.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 23-Jan-15 13:38:17

1. Think so
2. As the party giver it is generally expected you'll feed the kids, so options for food would be good. Could be bring your own, or you provide - with somewhere to sit and eat.
3.Most parties are 2 hours which includes eating. I would have thought 1h 15 is enough for 'ponying' and the rest eating/ running about. I would be happy spending between £10-£20 per child (we are in London, that is the going rate for softplay parties). I would bench mark other activities near you.
4.A small group is fine.
5. Personally I'd keep it simple and stick to pony only.
I'd think about offering an activity which enables the to take away a pony to remember the day? Crayola (I think) did a decorate a pony set. You could charge extra for that?

I would also mention in your marketing you are an animal centre and parties support your work etc.

Good luck - sounds like a lovely idea.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 23-Jan-15 13:40:15

Sorry I should clarify. Softplay parties start around £6 per head when they are little. DS wants laser for his 7th bday and the super duper one near is is £20pp. A local farm is £15 per child inc food.

MaybeDoctor Wed 18-Feb-15 14:09:04

Just gut reactions as a parent - you might want FAQs in your promotional materials.

Is it safe? How big/small are the ponies? What about nipping or treading on feet?

I would want food well separated from animal handling.

Reassurance about hand hygiene, ecoli etc

Lastly, will the ponies survive it? smile Is it ok from an animal welfare point of view? Will they get cheesed off by needing to have their manes brushed and wear non-coordinating ribbons?

tabulahrasa Wed 18-Feb-15 14:15:02

My DD had a pony party a few years ago, it was £25 a head for 1 hrs riding lesson, food and an hr of grooming 3 hrs in total.

Without the riding part I'd expect it to be half that price or less depending how long it was.

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