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WWYD? Really

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XenaPrincessWarrior Sat 10-Jan-15 02:25:20

I've decided that I need a new start.
I don't want to do care jobs anymore!
I have a degree in social care but I have fallen out of love over the past year and I want out.
Care has worked for me due to flexibility and DH's job but I really don't want to do it any more.
Due to having a few kids incl pre-scholar the conventional 9 -5 is not going to work for me.
I have 10-15k to invest in something new.
I'm looking for inspiration/ ideas for something that would earn £1000/month once established.

IamTitanium Sat 10-Jan-15 12:56:17

What I would do, would probably be different to the next poster and the one after, as we all have different skills etc.
What are your skills/interests?

Littlemisssunshine72 Sun 11-Jan-15 18:36:37

A care agency? (sorry if you want to get completely away from 'care'), in which case, a sweet shop.

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