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Counterfeit note detector for retail shop

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jonboy211 Wed 07-Jan-15 12:38:49


I have a small retail shop and I'm looking to order a counterfeit bank note detector. Does anyone know much about them or what to look for when you buy one? I found this site online and they seem to have quite a range of counterfeit note detectors

I think I will order from them but I'm not sure which machine to go for. If anyone happens to have used a detector before in retail, I'd be grateful for your advice on which to purchase.

Many thanks,


IamTitanium Wed 07-Jan-15 12:57:06

I seed lots of people using pens now, something like the zapD1 on your link.
We have a business with £1000's cash per week, we have not yet had a fake note so don't overly worry about it.

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