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flavor sprays for mouth while using tube feed

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auntnooney Tue 06-Jan-15 04:33:17

My Husband had a stroke, lost the ability to swallow without major risks. We worked with him and got him back on semi-solid food but he regressed and is back on "boilis feed". I would love to give him and others, the option to have a full range of flavored sprays of foods, a "menu" if you will, for before the boilis or after so the after taste is much more gratifying. Any suggestions or advice?

whitechocolatestars Tue 06-Jan-15 04:56:39

I think this sounds like an interesting idea as it will also stimulate sensory perception which is important after a stroke. I would keep the range fairly small, pick a few taste types but I would imagine fruit, refreshing mint and soothing tastes like camomile or interesting things like cinnamon could be popular.

Also, you'd need to consult an SLT or similar, but I would say be careful of anything containing sugars as it could lead to a yeast infection in the mouth that can be really unpleasant and difficult to manage. Also be careful of any sprays that generate too much liquid on contact that could slip down the throat.

Perhaps an alternative is flavoured mouthwashes that could be used with the little mouth swabs.

I hope he recovers well, sounds like you are doing a wonderful job looking after him.

auntnooney Wed 07-Jan-15 05:00:27

I was hoping to go in the general direction of a breakfast, lunch and dinner flavor that is more like the biotene (SP) for sensation, fullfilling and just a tad on the satisfying side. Too much to hope for? The facility refuses to allow any nutritional additives that could boost energy which really makes me frustrated. I have worked with this man day and night and had him eating dryer, pudding like substances and he did very well for over 10 months. The whole nursing home element provides many ongoing bacterial and viral deseases that I think are more the problem of his set backs but they will never take responsibility. If you can't use something to moisten the mouth, swallowing and exercises are irrelevant, in my opinion.

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