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Life coaching- your thoughts

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Greenbananas2 Tue 11-Nov-14 09:06:08

I've been coaching for some years and am fully qualified, belong to a professional body etc, but my client base needs to grow. I'd love to hear from anyone who could suggest ways of my expanding my business and where I should advertise. I don't really enjoy face to face networking and in the past it hasn't brought in clients.
I don't know if coaching has died a bit of a death or if I'm not putting myself out there to find clients enough.
I'm registered on a national website and that is where most clients come from.
Be grateful for any ideas on whether you'd use a coach and what you'd look for in one. I do mainly career and life work balance.

scottishdaisy Sat 20-Dec-14 16:59:39

Hi Greenbananas... I'm just starting out! Saw this thread and hoped that someone was going to have some fab insights. Pity! My coach-trainer has said that networking is the thing... I'm a bit daunted but am going to just get out there and do that. I'm also doing a free 'have a brilliant 2015' workshop - just been out and about putting posters everywhere... am hoping that it will start getting people talking. Where are you based? I'm in Dundee and have a feeling that people don't really know what coaching is, so think that an element of education is going to be necessary...

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