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hygiene question!

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AriNi31 Thu 18-Sep-14 21:42:13

Hi -can anyone help? If you were selling celebration cakes / cupcakes (from your home, not a shop, maybe via a Facebook page or local ad) then would you need a food hygiene certificate? And any other paperwork or can you just "get going" as it were?

Eostre1 Fri 19-Sep-14 18:08:42

Yes you would need your f & H cert (easy & cheap enough from your local college). I think you also need to contact your local environmental health & register with them. Depending on where you live, they may just add you to their list as cakes are considered lower risk. Or may want to do an inspection (all areas are different) & there might be a small fee for this.
And of course, registering with the Inland revenue is a must.

Often wonder how the pop up restaurants manage to do what they do? Guess it's as they ask for donation for the food & it's in their own home?

Eostre1 Fri 19-Sep-14 18:10:55

Not sure, but might need public liability insurance too? Or possibly that's just if selling from a stall.

AriNi31 Fri 19-Sep-14 20:36:52

Thank you so much for the reply! Am making lists! Want to do it right.

Flowerfae Thu 30-Oct-14 22:00:01

Hi yes you do need your food hygiene certificate, but its just a day course and really really easy smile

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