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anyone done body shop parties or similar?

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helpineedajob Mon 18-Aug-14 09:59:31

I am starting up as a party consultant. It's not body shop but don't want to out myself. Have you done similar? Did it make much money? Any tips? Thanks

Bellabutterfly2014 Mon 18-Aug-14 21:59:55

Hey, yes I've done a couple of these on my time and generally you get between 10-20% of what you sell so between £10/20 for every hundred. With both (one was housewares and one was lingerie) I had to pay my own fuel and often parties were miles out plus I had to buy my own kit of samples and supply raffle prizes for both.

I personally didn't make much so got a 2nd job on a shop which was much better and guaranteed money.

I always remember doing one party's home stuff, we'll candles to be exact - I drove 24 miles and sold 2 candles - this was after the lingerie so decided to give it up as a bad job !

redtiger1079 Wed 20-Aug-14 00:30:32

I know someone who did it selling cards and giftware at parties and she said it was a hiding to nothing.

It might be because I wouldn't dream of 'buying communally', so to speak, that I genuinely cannot imagine how these events are successful. I like my shopping to be functional, and online. I think these types of buying parties are either outdated (think tupperware), kinky (think anne summers - yeuch) or provincial (possibly overlaps with kinky)

Also, we live in an era where people are obssessed with bargains. Body products that are sold at parties are going to be expensive, because you know youre paying for the sellers time as well as the products.

mind you, neither I nor anyone I know would be in a target market for that kind of thing.

Bellabutterfly2014 Thu 21-Aug-14 06:02:47

Hey, yes, it was a nightmare experience for me too. I understand people being attracted to the idea, I was as they both said flexible hours, evenings and weekends (to work round my full time job) and "great" commission!!!
I think I just about broke even on both. I would have a re-think on this. As I said I got a 2nd job in a shop, right near where I live and the money is guaranteed and not commission based.

I'd go to your local job centre for advice and see what they suggest. Many colleges are also offering apprenticeships for mature candidates wanting to re-train in various area (earn while you learn) so speak to your local college too.

I'm Ttc ATM but already thinking about work options when I've hopefully got a baby. My partner currently works shifts and so it's difficult - I work in an office during the week 30 hours then in a shop all day on a Saturday. Think I'm going to keep my Saturday job as my mum can have baby as she doesn't work weekends and ask if I can do my 30 hours over 4 days instead of 5 but not sure x x

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