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accountancy software - QuickFile? Xero? something else??

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VenusInfers Sat 09-Aug-14 23:48:52

I'm just setting up my limited company business and want to keep good financial records from the start. The business won't be generating much income at first, so don't want to pay a fortune. I'm a mac user btw.
Has anyone used the above packages? Does QuickFile work well? Other recommendations eagerly received!

Hoppinggreen Sun 17-Aug-14 11:05:43

I have used xero and quite liked it

Rowingdowntheriver Fri 29-Aug-14 07:13:09

As an accountant myself I'd recommend you find and meet a local accountant first as they will be able to recommend the best software for you and one they are happy to work with. Most accountants will offer an initial free meeting where you could find this out.

I'd recommend e-conomic if you are happy to pay (about £75 every 3 months) as it is a great system. It's a similar price to xero but a much better system imo.

VT cashbook is my personal favourite for new start ups. It is free, does everything you need and data can easily be shared with a bookkeeper / accountant when you need to. Only problem is that it doesn't work for macs. You could always buy a cheap pc lap top for £250 and use that as it would be cheaper / same price as one year's subscription to e-conomic / xero.

Don't go near Sage! It's a terribly over complicated system that is costly and doesn't have great functionality!

Also don't use wave. It's an american system, doesn't import data and doesn't work well for the UK tax system.

Hope that helps!

Rowingdowntheriver Fri 29-Aug-14 07:14:33

Ps, can I ask why you are setting up a limited company from the start? You may be better off from a tax and accounting cost point of view by starting out as a sole trader.

lovetoski Fri 29-Aug-14 07:17:45

I use Kashflow really nice and simple to use can be used on Mac.
Lots have a free trial, download a few and have a play.

Numbers123 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:23:31

Agree with Rowingdowntheriver - as an accountant, I love VT + plus the support team are very helpful and quick to respond

NotYouNaanBread Sun 07-Sep-14 16:10:26

I use Sage. You can use Sage One cloud-based accounts to start with - - and then as you grow, you can upgrade to Sage Instant Accounts and later still to the grown-up Sage 50 and you can import your data easily. It's easy for accountants to work with, too.

fairyfuckwings Sun 07-Sep-14 16:15:34

I work in accountancy practice. We tend to recommend xero. We used to recommend kadhflow but there are a few "glitches" I've found.

I much prefer xero. It's easy to use, has the ability to set up a direct bank feed, and just seems a lot more robust than kashflow.

I would definitely go for something cloud based whatever you choose.

multiple20 Fri 26-Sep-14 15:35:32 for my 10p worth, we use it and we love it.

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