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Anyone ever used affiliate marketing?

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Countrymun Wed 06-Aug-14 14:08:32

Hope it's okay to post in this section - there doesn't seem to be a place for business other than start-up.

We run a small family business (manufacture and retail of quality dog wear including some fairly niche products) - previously we attended dog shows etc but we are now trying to increase online sales to fit in with family/school age children.

We have tried google adwords - haven't been a huge success to date but obviously every impression our ads get helps to build awareness for the future.
However, I have heard about people using affiliate marketing and wondered if it is worth trying.
We don't have a presence outside of the UK but through Amazon and our own website we do sell certain products in USA and Australia.
I thought if we had affiliates in those countries it might increase sales. I know there are a few affiliate companies out there such as Affiliate Window but not sure if anyone has used affiliates in the past and can share their experiences - whether it was worth doing since obviously the affiliate needs a payment from each sale and I guess the affiliate company takes a share too.

Anyone tried it? Any tips/experiences much appreciated.
Thanks again

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