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making sweetie creations such as cones/jars to sell?

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DragonFlyx Wed 30-Jul-14 17:24:54

I love crafts,and in the past I have sold hand made jewellery.. I still do a few crafts in my spare time. I was looking for something to earn some money outside of my job, a friend of mine sells sweet cones, but buys them ready made.

I have a good hygiene certificate, and I'm quite keen to learn more in this field. I was thinking of cones, jars, maybe sweetie bags for children's parties? if found a few online whole salers who sell retro, giant, hard, soft etc sweets.

Anyone else done this or similar? Would you buy from someone making the above? Or any more ideas for it?

As said, its just an idea that I hope to look into further eventually.

Happy36 Wed 30-Jul-14 18:41:22

I would buy them from an independent retailer like yourself if they were reasonably priced (I wouldn't expect you to compete with the supermarkets but I'm not a billionaire!) and, crucially, I knew you existed so I think spreading the word about your venture would ve key.

As well as the children's market you could do the cones for wedding favours and things like shop launch parties too. At the hair salon I used to go to they offered clients a handmade iced biscuit so you could even try to create a mini product for that sort of thing too.

Good luck!!

DragonFlyx Thu 31-Jul-14 08:06:11

That's very encouraging, thank you! I might buy supplies every week or so and build everything up and have ago once on maternity leave, I could t afford it in one go lol! I used to love making jewellery but it's very time consuming and I struggled to keep at it after a year of working full time.

I remember a salons launch party a few weeks ago and passer byes were handed a small bag of pink mixed sweets with their business card and a voucher inside. If never been in but I enjoyed the sweets lol!

Happy36 Thu 31-Jul-14 10:10:22

Cool! Good luck! Hope your maternity leave is productive.

DragonFlyx Thu 31-Jul-14 10:14:27

I hope so! I don't like not doing anything, had to find things to do when my first born slept lol

CleanLinesSharpEdges Thu 31-Jul-14 12:09:15

Our local market has a stall that sells retro sweets and other food. They also sell their own handmade cones and jars full of sweets and imported sweets from America. DS loves going there for his Saturday pocket money treat!

The market is open on Thursday and Saturday and when I was chatting to the woman that runs it (as I was buying a box of Lucky Charms cereal - remember that? smile), she said she spends one day a week making the bags and things up, and then Thursday/Saturday on the stall. She will also make things to order via her Facebook selling page.

She seems to be doing a booming trade, the stall is always busy.

DragonFlyx Thu 31-Jul-14 13:13:15

That sounds fab! I'll stick to online to begin with especially while I have a toddler and new born, I was looking at Halloween ideas, I found a few things on pinterest that look fab and easy! (cornets painted green with food colouring, then using icing to draw on eyes, smiles and stitches and made into little Frankensteins filled with marshmallows) I could probably do those and fill with all sorts, great for Halloween parties or trick n treaters!

Looking online there is just so much you can do, iv gone and ordered some cellophane cones and the ties (i have tons of ribbons and cellophane wrapping/bags in my craft box) then I think I'll take a trip to a cash and carry and grab some sweets and test my luck with a few simple things to begin with.

Who knows, it could go really well or not at all.

I remember lucky charms! There's a retro sweet shop near by, but they want 7quid for a box and are so pricey for their sweets, I refuse to pay those prices.

hoedown Mon 04-Aug-14 21:52:35

I think to sell foodstuffs by weight (eg 200g sweetie cones) you need to use trade approved scales (available to buy online but very expensive). I'm not sure where you stand with regards to labelling of ingredients/common allergens - it would be worth checking with trading standards on both of these points to make sure you're operating within trading laws. Good idea, best of luck with it.

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