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Business Workshop name - opinions please

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newrecruit Mon 14-Jul-14 22:12:17

I'm launching a series of workshops in September.

It's currently called 'Social Media School' and teaches businesses how to market themselves online. As they are in September it seemed topical.

DH says 'school' is patronising and will put people off and I should look more line a grown up!

What do you think? Is he just being negative or does he have a point?

thecuntureshow Mon 14-Jul-14 22:24:30

It does what it says on the tin. Sounds fine to me.

Hoppinggreen Mon 14-Jul-14 22:25:47

I agree with him. I don't like the word school in there

newrecruit Mon 14-Jul-14 22:40:04

Thank you for your opinions - although I'm no further forward grin

Would 'Academy' be better or shall I just call them 'Workshops'

newrecruit Mon 14-Jul-14 22:40:46

having said that, I do rather like my chalkboard graphic. I might do two sets of marketing and see which one works best!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Mon 14-Jul-14 23:02:59

I think "school" might suggest to some it isn't relevant to them if they think it is related to school.

What about Bootcamp? Or Social Media 101?

What sort of businesses? Could that be reflected in the title?

newrecruit Mon 14-Jul-14 23:07:56

I like Bootcamp!

It's primarily aimed at small businesses who want to manage their own social media, or train an existing employee. They are not aimed at any sector in particular.

NotYouNaanBread Tue 15-Jul-14 07:33:53

School is fine. Nobody thinks that the School for Creative Startups at Somerset House is being patronising.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 15-Jul-14 08:39:17

SME Social Media surgery?

I guess the school could be the main brand and you have indivdual workshops (with titles Terrific Twitter, Fabulous Facebook etc)?

Depends what your brand is/will be like.

A lot of social media training seems to have a trendy/bit whacky (GLA in London springs to mind) brand but I wonder if that is all too out there for SMEs.

They might respond to something more obvious - "How to grow your business with social media"? "How to make social media work for your business"?

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 15-Jul-14 08:53:48

Sorry re-reading your OP you are asking about the collective title!

School could work if the branding is right. As well as the org Nan mentions The School for Life seems to be a success. They did some events with MN.

newrecruit Tue 15-Jul-14 10:47:33

I've been to the School of Life - it is amazing.

You're right that SMEs aren't quite so cutting edge as the creative/media types and a little less impressed by retro cool ;-)

I think Social Media Masterclass might be a good compromise.

The workshops underneath that are
Twitter for Business
Facebook for Business etc

MrsMargoLeadbetter Thu 17-Jul-14 07:12:44

Masterclass sounds good.

Good luck with the launch.

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