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I need a freelance PR person

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fourlegstwolegs Mon 23-Jun-14 16:12:10

I have a contract to do the PR for a large event and a few other bits and bobs. However I don't have enough hours in the day and need some extra help. Any thoughts? I'm not London based. Is there a mumsnet skilled lady network or something?

Hoppinggreen Mon 23-Jun-14 17:35:29

Is there a ladies network group near you?
Here in Yorkshire there are a few

frogmore6 Mon 23-Jun-14 17:51:18

Where are you based?

escape Mon 23-Jun-14 17:53:57

What location works for you?

Librina Mon 23-Jun-14 19:09:21

I do freelance PR but I'm based in Jersey so not sure if that's any use?

fourlegstwolegs Mon 23-Jun-14 19:45:41

I'm in Hampshire. But I suppose most work is done over the phone so being in the same county not strictly necessary...

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