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using Amazon to sell

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orangeshortbread Thu 29-May-14 22:25:37

I'm trying to work out whether there is any reason that I can't buy books and Amazon and resell them on Amazon marketplace? I've bought all of the available stock of a particular product so am I allowed to resell them at a higher price? Any help is appreciated from a clueless start-up!

mimilovell Sat 31-May-14 00:07:17

I wouldnt use amazon. Ive known people who moved from ebay to amazon, and when their product sold well, amazon went to buy the item and put it up themselves. When Amazon dont pay 20% tax, because they dodge it by having a tax heaven, you cant really compete on price. And many people have seen their negative feedback on a product that they have brought from Amazon (not the private sellers who sells on amazon) have their feedback taken off. For that, I dont buy anything from Amazon, as I wouldnt want anything to do with a company like that.

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