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Maternity hire

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Ticks84 Mon 12-May-14 14:45:52

Hi everyone,
My friend asked me what I thought about doing a maternity hire website and I wasn't sure about it, so thought I would ask on here?
The idea was 5-10 day hire of a special one off item, for a wedding/ball/party etc or a weekly collection of tops/dresses/suits/trousers etc for work/everyday. It would all be great quality items such as seraphine, butter by nadia etc. so not cheap everyday items.
I see a few companies already do this, but with the likes of eBay, where you can buy second hand so cheaply is there still a hiring market out there?

bouncinbean Mon 12-May-14 14:56:38

I think in this day and age clothes hire just doesn't work. If you are well off then you can afford to buy. If you have limited means, especially thinking about going on maternity leave then you are trying not to waste money - so will either buy cheap from new look/ H&m / eBay because at least you can then keep for a second child, pass on to friend or eBay again.
I got some really nice 'posh' stuff on ebay for peanuts. Kept the best items for a second pregnancy and resold the items that I didn't rate.

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