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What would you pay for in these list of services?

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CookieDoughKid Sat 10-May-14 23:20:57

I'm exploring new business ideas (for a change of career). Myself and a friend have a really good eye for all good things interior. We are probably not trendsetters but we know what could work and look good in a home.

Here is a real life example of a makeover I did:
Would you pay for someone to turn this room

INTO this room?

And would you may just for the design? Or someone to project manage the installation from start to finish including choosing colour and tiles?

Would you consider paying for any of these services
- Room makeover - £150 per room (example?)
- Decluttering - £150 for 4 hours (wardrobe/kitchen/filing)
- Kitchen/Bathroom design & project manage?
- Garden design?

I'm trying to gauge if people would be willing to spend. I live in Oxfordshire but could tap in across south east and work virtually on designs.

Is anyone else already doing the above - are you able to scratch a living out of it? Many thanks for reading, and appreciate any input/feedback! Thanks

threedeer Sat 10-May-14 23:27:31

Not sure that room is the best example. It just looks like a new kitchen. When you buy one the people you buy from discuss the layout with you, so where does the personalised design element come in?

I'd prefer to see a makeover of a child's bedroom or a living space - something that really indicates your flair for the finishing touches.

SavoyCabbage Sat 10-May-14 23:31:44

Yes I agree. It's a new kitchen so I wouldn't pay you to do anything as you get that service at the shop.

To me a room makeover is using most of what you already have.

I'm not all that interested in interior design but I'd still want to choose everything myself. To be honest I'd go to a kitchen specialist for a kitchen. I'd pay for someone to project manage the tradesmen but not the design.

Would never pay for decluttering, I'd be worried about important stuff going AWOL.

Not sure about garden design, I've never really considered making big changes to ours. I would want someone who knew a lot about plants for it.

I suppose I'd be worried that you were a bit jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none with that list, there are plenty of people who specialise in kitchens or bathrooms or gardens but not all of them.

WaitingForMe Tue 13-May-14 12:03:30

In my area garden design is big business and you have to be creating show gardens at the likes of the Malvern Spring Flower Show. You need trusted builders and nurseries as you're expected to do everything and for it to be perfect. Gardening on the other hand is doable and DH makes £18-£25 p/h mowing lawns, pruning hedges etc.

Interior design is similar. Get your styled room in Cotswold Life and you're on your way to doing it properly. But small scale room design will have you in competition with the likes of John Lewis who charge £250 but which can be used against any purchases IIRC. People use them then replace the washing machine and take the design ideas to The Range.

CookieDoughKid Mon 19-May-14 23:30:01

Thanks all for the responses. It seems that specialism is the way to go... And being really good at your craft.

BackforGood Mon 19-May-14 23:40:51

Agree with others - if you wanted to redo your kitchen, then all the people selling kitchens will sit and offer you their designs, so there wouldn't be any point in putting another layer in.

Re the decluttering - how would you see that working? Are you going to take away things the person agrees to donate to charity? Sell stuff on e-bay for them, or take it to auction? I'd love to find someone who would do that side of it for me, but wouldn't consider paying nearly £40 an hour - that's really specialised kind of pay!

Fram Mon 19-May-14 23:49:03

Garden design is more than just what looks good though- you need to know what works on which soils, which orientations etc.

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