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Omaryhill2807 Tue 29-Apr-14 14:09:04

Hiya everyone, I am currently a single mother attempting to start an online baby store. As I have noticed a variety of shops don't ever sell what I'm looking or at for a reasonable prices. So my idea is to first ask the people single or not, mother, father, guardian what they are looking for when they are shopping online. Any opinion on whether it's a good a bad business idea or any criticism you have will be much appreciated.

A little bit more on what I was thinking of doing, to sell kids clothing on request, for example certain outfits like for christening, or any particular outfits wanted, personalised belongings and gift baskets, maternity stuff for women including slippers, creams, ect. Children's clothes will be from tiny baby to around 10/11yrs old. Both boys and girls and baby unisex pieces, I will have shoes and socks, and some bags, trunkies, head bands, bracelets, pretty much all clothing. I was thinking free shipping when you spend a certain amount and when you first join you will get free shipping and a promotion too. There is more but I do really want people's opinions so let me know. My job will be to cater for your needs for you children, in the best quality and affordable clothes possible. Thank you

Forago Tue 29-Apr-14 14:13:56

I think there are many places where you can get those items already online. And the only way to do it cheaper than them is if you undercut them (or import from China) which would eat away at your profits I would have thought.

Where are you going to source the clothes from? The only area for competitive advantage if is you get an exclusive deal for UK marketing of a nice skandi brand maybe - but I imagine you would need existing contacts for that?

If you are just going to buy things that you think are nice and re-sell them I think you will struggle to compete with what's available on ebay and Amazon.

gg1234 Tue 29-Apr-14 21:50:38

I would suggest you to please go for something in the market like littlerascalzclothing and join something like it for gaining some exp as to what sells and what not rather tha just starting on your own becoz it's a highly competitive market and rates are mostly very near to each other say for example a pack of bodysuit would charge you 10 in primark and 5 in ebay so your pricing has be to very very competitive hope this all helps

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