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Starting up a childminding business

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ImASillyBilly Mon 10-Mar-14 12:24:01

Hi all,

Considering setting up a childminding business and not really sure where to start. I have done some research and realise I need to be disclosure checked, inspection of the home, first aid / health and safety course etc.

I was wondering what other advice you have if you have set-up your own childminding service? I am in Scotland so assume some laws and regulations are slightly different, if at all.

We live in a large 6 bedroom house which has 2 living rooms, so was thinking we could turn 1 living area into a play area or one of the bedrooms. The living area is currently used by a lodger who lives with us, so it would affect his sole use of the area.

Have you specifically turned a room into an area just for when you are childminding, child-friendly, bright colours, toys etc? Or have you adapted your own living area so that you care for them in the same room?

What advice could you give me?

Will mum's want to use my services? I am 27 - will some mum's prefer to put their child in the care of a slightly older mum? We also have a dog, who is extremely friendly but I understand for some, that could be incredibly off-putting. We have a large garden, with a trampoline, swings and slide, so in the summer we can use these also.

I'm just scared to invest time and money into something that may not take off or work for me.

What requirements will the inspectors look for in my home to ensure it is child-safe?

I have a 5 month daughter by the way, so doing this would be ideal, as I can watch my daughter grow up whilst earning and caring for other children which I love.

Would be greatful for any useful information. As you can see, I have a lot of questions!

My partner seems to think it is a straightforward case of getting a yes and then all these children will be looked after by me, but I am aware that isnt the case!

Thank you

Panadbois Tue 11-Mar-14 17:05:55

A friend of mine has just finished a course on childminding. She found it useful but hard going as she has a full time job and three young kids.

Her first step was to register her interest with the county council. (North Wales) They have a Children and Families dept and they hold courses three times a year, I'm guessing she went once a week for ten weeks.

CSIW will be sending someone round to her house soon to do an inspection, meanwhile checks are made on her, her husband and anyone likely to be in and out often (your lodger most definitely would have to have one)

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