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Feedback on business idea

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Zzsmummy Fri 28-Feb-14 22:52:25

Hi all,

This is my first post here so please bear with me.
I would like some opinions on this idea I have had for a business please.

I have noticed that many companies don't provide feedback if rejected at the application stage, and a candidate may never know exactly what it was about their application that went wrong.

The same applies to interviews, whilst each interview can be a learning curve, it is probably too late to receive feedback after you have been rejected from your dream job.

So, my idea is to provide 2 services:

1. Potential applicants can get their Application Form Questions/Answers, CV, Cover Letter reviewed by professional recruiters, that have extensive experience in top companies, recruiting at all levels within the applicants chosen industry. They will provide detailed feedback, on why the applicant would be rejected/invited to interview as their application stands and all the ways it can be improved.

2. Applicants can have an online Video Mock Interview with these professional recruiters from top firms and, again, receive detailed feedback on their performance.

Now, I know there are many CV writing services etc. out there, but do you think there is any place for this kind of service where the Reviewers/Interviewers are former/current recruiters from very well respected companies in the applicants chosen industry?

I know that was quite long winded, so thank you if you read it all. I would like your brutally honest opinions please.

antimatter Sat 01-Mar-14 09:22:26

I think there are quite few companies which provide this service.
I am using one at the moment to help me to re-write my CV.
At extra cost they provide writing of covering letter. In their service they write both for customers using already existing CV, 1 hour interview, links to targeted jobs and there's a follow up in filling gaps, polishing up CV.

I think taking badly written CV/covering letter and saying - here's spelling mistake, badly written sentence. And what next?
Customer would pay for getting that feedback, goes home rewrites and submits - another list of errors comes back his way...
When would you stop?
I think you would create a lot of work and frustration in the process if they are not getting actual service of rewriting their CV/covering letter.

Zzsmummy Sat 01-Mar-14 12:29:16

Thanks for the feedback. I take your point about when it would stop.l, I guess I was just thinking about the feedback being more geared at how to emphasise the experience/qualities in relation to the role and less on the smaller errors, so thanks for bringing that up.
I did try to look for companies that include an interview service as well but came up with nothing.
Would you mind letting me know the name of the company you are using please?

antimatter Sat 01-Mar-14 12:50:06

I am using They won't provide service after writing my cv in the package I am using.
I can see the point you are making am just not sure how you would make it work without initially helping with writing client's CV.

oscarandolivia Mon 17-Mar-14 18:25:32

is one company does provides mock interview help. there are many others, generally targeted in the MBA arena/investment banking/consulting.

Definitely a market for this type of service, and probably you can get it tailored for other industries too.

kind regards

Quinteszilla Mon 17-Mar-14 18:30:10

"I guess I was just thinking about the feedback being more geared at how to emphasise the experience/qualities in relation to the role"

My husband got that with every role he applied for when he was job hunting after Christmas. He got to interview stage with 95% of companies he spoke to, and had 4 offers on the table.
He also got feedback after interviews.

I think the service you are suggesting already exist, through most good recruitment consultants. You can view the initial telephone screening as a "mock interview" for the role in question, and with instant feedback.

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