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Graduation Jewellery - A good idea?

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OrmoluLondon Fri 28-Feb-14 14:44:20

Hi mums, I'm a mum and a jewellery designer by trade. I've recently started a small start-up jewellery brand (small but growing!) called Ormolu London and I've been thinking of a new idea I'd love to test with you.

As you will be aware there are thousands upon thousands of jewellers out there so trying to differentiate yourself from the multitude of companies can be daunting! But I have an idea for providing jewellery specific for university graduates - a ring or piece of jewellery to celebrate and commemorate your daughters/sons achievements. The concept is to have something memorable but timeless, not a gimmicky piece that they would discard after a month.

Im thinking of focusing on rings at first (inspired by the american class rings) but rather than be overtly tacky and chunky american styles, they will be timeless, beautiful and customisable. Each ring will have the option to customise the metal, stone and style of ring and allow the parent/customer to have a personal message engraved on the side of the band.

As part of the design I will be attributing the university name, and date of graduation in roman numerals - but all this is optional. If you didn't want it you wouldn't select the option.

I'd love to test to see if there's any interest in this idea? Would you pay for a piece of jewellery for your child's graduation? Im presuming girls would wear this type of jewellery and not boys?

How much would you be willing to pay if at all? And do you like the concept of attributing the uni/graduation date but keeping it subtle and elegant?

Any thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated! I really want to know at this stage if there's a market out there for this type of product.

Thank you!

MothershipG Fri 28-Feb-14 14:48:10

By the time I have made my parental contribution to funding the DC through Uni I think I will not be inclined to spend even more on a piece of jewellry!

However I should add that our income bracket is probably not your target market so feel free to ignore me! grin

offblackeggshell Fri 28-Feb-14 14:48:17

I can't imagine who actually buys it, but the OU have a range of graduation jewellery for men and women. So there must be a market...

linky here

Drquin Fri 28-Feb-14 15:04:49

If I'm honest, probably not my thing either.

I wouldn't be averse to spending money on jewellery to mark the occasion, but got to admit I would assume I'd look at a style / range I knew DC liked in general as opposed to a specific "graduation jewellery" item.

But I'm not a "commemorative" person in general - I'd buy a gift obviously to make occasions, and love to receive myself, but I'm not a fan of stuff that's marked up with my name / place / dates.

Drquin Fri 28-Feb-14 15:10:41

PS had a look at your FB page and your jewellery is lovely, so I'd buy a piece because it already looked nice / was my style but wouldn't be fussed about any names / dates etc.

WaitingForMe Thu 17-Apr-14 14:36:33

If you had been one of the stalls at my graduation my Grandad would've bought one. Crazy money gets spent at my old university at Graduation (photos/Pimms/university clothing/bottles of Champagne). So I'd look at partnering with traditional Universities. That way your flyer can go in the pre-Graduation pack.

sienawilson Tue 20-May-14 07:30:19

I have seen your page. The fashion jewellery is beautiful. I have seen them somewhere. well may be here
I am missing those graduation days. I am interested in buying them.

kristingweston Fri 27-Jun-14 11:24:25

The ornament set is very beautiful. I like all your collections. Thanks for giving so much details. I want to purchase them. I think I have seen them somewhere

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