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Any experience of running a food market stall?

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MCT76 Wed 26-Feb-14 14:39:42

My dream is to own a cafe serving mainly Latin American food as well as good coffee and healthy snacks. However, I need experience and a lot more money than I currently have in order to realise this. I also have a 15-month old DS so wouldn't be able to work full-time for the time being. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about running a food stall. There are several local markets where I live but I don't drive so not sure if this would be do-able and if so, what I would need to make it happen.
Any advice would be much appreciated!

antimatter Sat 01-Mar-14 09:24:06

no experience here but I think if you could provide catering and food for freezer you may be able to earn outside of market opening days

reaching right customers is the actual hard work smile

MCT76 Sun 02-Mar-14 14:12:31

Thanks for your reply. That is a good idea but it depends on the sort of market and the people it attracts, I suppose. The main foods I'd like to sell would be easily freezable so it's worth pointing that out to potential customers. My main bugbear is not driving as I could otherwise offer delivery of goods too but hopefully I'll be able to pass the flipping test before I set it up!

parentalunit Fri 06-Jun-14 05:52:49

We have a few food stalls at work (very big office with fairly poor/boring cafes on site). They pull up outside the offices at lunch time, and do a roaring trade. Just an idea.

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