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Personality and Promoting work

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hyperspacebug Mon 24-Feb-14 13:46:30

This is for a friend, but I've been wondering for myself as well. I don't run a business or anything like that, so what do I know?))

The said friend works for chiropractor clinic and apparently she is a very good certified massage therapist. However she's responsible for getting her own clients, and this is something that she has found really challenging.

It is hard for her to really promote herself, talk to lots of strangers - this is the kind of thing that takes its own talent/skill set. As fellow quiet person I can sympathise!

My first thought was that she should find someone to do the promotion for her (in exchange for massages, for example!) a college student, a stay-at-home mom (maybe not one with very young babies), someone else with limited disposable income, but good communications skills and a flexible schedule.

She said that she has thought about it, but that this would need to be someone "local" and she feels, as someone from another country who has only lived in London for a few years (although she has fluent English and has studied in the US in high school, I believe), that in England there is a thick line between locals and non-locals, and that it's hard to get in touch with locals if you are not.

Any advice - where to look for someone who could be a marketer, how to approach the local/non-local divide, where to find places to advertise for clients that are not immediately apparent, or other advice really...that'd be very much appreciated!

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