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Experienced Amazon sellers? Positive experience?

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petithamu1980 Thu 13-Feb-14 14:32:27

Hi all,

I am starting an importing business and I have been looking at using Amazon as my primary marketplace (before I can set up my own website). I am reading up some horrific stories about selling on Amazon, all points to 'run far far away'! I thought about using Ebay as well but I think my products (children's educational games) would be better suited on Amazon. Also it would be quite expensive and I think Ebayers are normally looking for a bargain on used items...

I just wanted to see if anyone on here sell regularly on Amazon and how do you find it? Would you recommend using the Fulfilled by Amazon method? Have you had any buyer scams I keep reading about, where a buyer buys but claims it is damaged or never received and Amazon, without investigation, will provide a full refund but the items will not be returned to the seller.

Thank you in advance.


hanloumac Sun 16-Feb-14 15:40:33

We sell on amazon and it accounts for around 60% of our turnover and is far more profitable than our wholesale sales. Although I find the back end quite scary and don't fully understand all the ways it works!

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