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How hard is it to set up own law firm or consultancy from home?

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Puffer123 Sat 01-Feb-14 13:56:00

First post on Mumsnet! I have about 15 years' experience as a lawyer in the City and elsewhere. Now I am in the provinces and would like to work from home. My motivation is strong, partly I love what I do/did, need to earn money to look after three DC under 7, have long wanted to create my own business.

The tricky bit is that I have no live in support (separated from ex), have not worked for the last 15 months and, perhaps, have few local contacts due to having moved here recently - though this might not matter as I can probably cast the net quite wide geographically. I want to give myself a year to see if I can get this off the ground.

All advice gratefully received!

Puffer123 Sun 02-Feb-14 08:33:11

... On re-reading, I guess I have answered my own question ... I should go for it... ?! Lack of sleep makes me really grumpy so first step is probably to work out whether I can somehow afford help during the day so I don't have to research/ write business plan/ etc during the nights. I cannot be the only one who has thought about this (though am certainly sillier than most, to have had such a long break without working, or for not trying to set up something while still working) - please share your advice! Can it possibly work? It has to be better than endless applications/ interviews/ probable long commutes/ zero flexibility at least while establishing myself in new job, right?

SimLondon Mon 03-Feb-14 12:01:27

I think there has been a couple of threads along these lines, worth searching, would insurance be an issue? Would joining Quality Solicitors be a possibility?

MannishBoy Wed 05-Feb-14 14:46:32

Surely the majority of your work will be done from home? Even with a child, working for yourself means you can be flexible with your hours. Work around sleep times, evenings, even late into the night. Your clients don't care what hours you are doing their work, as long as you are and any deadlines are met.

Good luck!!

MannishBoy Wed 05-Feb-14 14:47:43

Oh also, you could use Skype or similar for virtual meetings, calls and the like. Saving on you having to go and see clients face to face all the time.

Puffer123 Tue 11-Feb-14 00:19:34

Thank you both. I do need to look into the insurance issue and will look into Quality Solicitors too - what a great idea, never came across them before. I couldn't find any other threads on this so sorry for posting an old subject. If you have a link to hand could you possibly send it to me? I am going to need childcare though as when I do work late into the night i am horrible the next day...

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