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A Nursery

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TiggyD Tue 05-Nov-13 10:47:37

I'd be terrible at setting up and running a nursery.

But I'm the perfect person to help and advise. 20 years in the business. Keen gardener, and gardens are important. I've also got a big interest in design and architecture.

So many problems in nurseries could have been avoided if there had been a nursery worker involved from the start. Normally a nursery building is built before childcare staff go in. They then point out that the windows are all above the children's height, there's no storage, there's not enough cloakroom room, etc, etc. By then it's a matter of coping with the problems as it's too late.

Anybody about with some spare cash and a desire to set up a nursery, please come to me. smile

MissMarplesBloomers Tue 05-Nov-13 20:48:42

No cash, but I've set up & run a nursery successfully for 10 years, would agree about the design from scratch needing input from a nursery worker.

Love to join forces for an advisory service!!! grin

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