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Wedding nanny and wedding activity pack.

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Ticks84 Mon 04-Nov-13 15:12:53

Hi everyone,
I am a Norland Nanny and have been working with children for 8 years. I work during the week with families and am looking to make some extra money at the weekend.

I have been thinking of becoming a wedding nanny to entertain children at weddings.

I had two ideas.

One where I sell activity packs, a little like party bags but with lots of things to do during wedding and meal time, maybe even a little reminder of the day?

And secondly people could hire me to look after their children. I would come with activities and toys for the day. Would you want it all inclusive or add on packages depending on what I was doing for instance art work, jewellery making, etc.

Is this something people would pay for? If so how much would you be interested in paying? An hour or a day? Babysitting etc?

Any information or feedback would be fantastic?

ConfusedPixie Thu 07-Nov-13 11:11:56

Watching this as it'd be a nice little earner for me doing wedding and event nannying.

You might need to find a few of you for wedding day things though as your insurance would limit you to 6 children so for a large wedding you'd need a small team.

Check with the agencies who offer it as by going direct to you clients will skip the fee to the agency. I was offered £10ph to be one of five or six nannies at an event not long ago in Sussex through an agency, I dread to think how much the client paid overall as it was a ten hour thing gig!

littlemonkey17 Mon 18-Nov-13 21:48:48

I've used a nanny at 2 family weddings recently. She was one of the nursery nurses from my DD nursery. We paid her £8-10 ph plus travel.

It was a great help for the younger children (under 2/3) but we found with the 4,5year olds they wanted to be in the centre of the party. At the first wedding she came for meal supervision but at the second she came after the meal, mainly cause at the first wedding the children spent more time running in and out to their mothers it was easier just to seat them with the adults for the meal with activity books. But we did have a quiet room so when they all crashed at about 10pm she supervised their sleeping.

At both weddings the brides made up little packs with colouring books and jigsaws. They made them up themselves but something a bit more personalised would be a good touch.

You should contact popular wedding venues and see if they think there is a need for a service. I can imagine there is, having someone to help was worth every penny for the under 2s. But you may find children only tend to be invited to family weddings so all there are plenty of willing relatives who want to entertain the older kids until they are ready for sleeping.

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