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Thinking of registering as a childminder.....

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Tw1nkle Sat 02-Nov-13 08:43:14


I was made redundant in September and am having a re-think about my career options.

I have a DD who started school in September, so I really don't want a 9-5 job any more!

I love kiddies and am seriously thinking about registering as a childminder.

I totally understand that all the baby things will need to come back out of the loft, and the house will be turned into a 'kiddies playroom' again, and that's fine.

Does anyone have any advice?
How easy is it to get people to use you?
I'm not planning on starting until next spring, so I'm going to get properly registered and take a couple of courses too.
It is reasonable to take the children on the school runs?

Thank you.

janski31 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:34:22

My friend is a childminder and is always busy think people like the idea of their kids going to a childminder than a big nursery where they get less attention plus childminders are a bit more flexible which appeals more too people, my friend takes her childminding kids everywhere with parents permission it's never a problem ie school run, visiting friends,Tesco :-) x

WantAnOrange Sat 02-Nov-13 20:49:43

Hi, I'm a child minder and it's absolutely acceptable to take little ones on the school run, I offer school runs as part of my service.

One thing, your post doesn't mention if you have any qualifications to work with children or any experience. It's not enough to like kids. You need to be a professional, who knows what they are talking about. You will be required to adhere to the EYFS, just like any other childcare provider, nursery, pre-school etc. It's a big commitment and will take as much time and effort as setting up any other business. I work 7:30 am until 6pm weekdays, plus Saturday mornings. I then attend any training/meetings in the evenings meaning I sometimes do 14 hour days!

It's a lovely job and I'm very privileged to work with such lovely people, but it's not something to take up lightly.

MUM2BLESS Mon 18-Nov-13 12:35:49

Hi Twinkle I am in my fifth year of cm.

Since I started the process has changed. Most things were free but that's change I believe. You may need to post this in the childcare session of mumsnet, where you will get some more advice on this.

I have four kids of my own aged 9-17. It fits around my families needs quiet nicely. I love the flexibility.

I will be honest, its not always been easy with the children I have cared for, so choose who you take on carefully. The hours must be right for you and your family. I have done 7 am start and I know for sure its not right for me. I now do 8 until 6pm.

Do a bit of research in the amount of cms in your area. How much they charge and what they offer.

my hours are for example child a (before and after school - only in term time) child b (M T & W 14.00 to 17.30). etc

Get in touch with your children's schools and family dept and find out what the procedure is to get started.

All the best. smile

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