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Baking Parties

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missy15 Sat 26-Oct-13 11:46:46

Good Morning,

Please bear with me as I am new. I am interested in any feedback to my business plan. With four children of my own, parties and fresh ideas are becoming rather stale!! Therefore I am looking to start a venue/cafe which is child based. The cafe would be open daily with a self serve child led cook card and the venue will also host themed cooking parties where the children make, bake and share the party food. The cafe would allow the children to choose a cook card, collect all the ingredients and bake the product. Samples would be open sandwiches, pizza, cup cakes etc. The parties would be fully hosted and themed as required.

Without jumping in, I need to get a feel if this is something of interested in the Wakefield area and would be grateful for all feed back!!!! I am also able to do this at your home as a caterer. Extras would be supplied from invitations to aprons and party bags.

Many thanks for reading

MrsMargoLeadbetter Mon 28-Oct-13 19:59:52


I think child friendly places do well around our way (East London, so nowhere near Wakefield!) however they tend to be 'a cafe that is child friendly' rather than a 'child focused cafe'.

I think the problem with the later is you might be limiting your customer base. I am guessing there will be key times when people with kids will visit, but outside of that you might have an empty cafe? Eg those with kids might not be in until 09:30. And 15:00 - 16:00/15 might be quiet as people are busy with the school run? etc

The cook parties sound ok. I do wonder if the party market is too limited though. In my experience within friendship groups people rarely repeat a party 'type', so out of my DS's class for instance you might only get one booking. What about cooking classes? Somebody started up doing that around here but she stopped and went back to her previous publishing career.

Sorry very negative feedback. I think there is a market, just not sure how big the audience is.

Hopefully somebody from Wakefield will be along.

ShreddedHoops Mon 28-Oct-13 20:06:33

I would like it - I love baking with my toddler but sometimes can't face the washing up. So going there would be a lovely way to while away an afternoon I think.

We have a pottery shop close by that you can go to and paint pottery pieces and they glaze them within the week - it's very popular, seems to do well with groups of mums and also families at weekends - maybe the kind of feel you want. So like child friendly baking sessions and classes, but also just 'drop in and bake some cakes here'.

Not so keen on open sandwiches and pizzas if I'm honest - the whole butter + sugar + eggs + flour + ridiculous decorations, cupcakes / make your own tiered or novelty shaped cake would go down best I think. Like a menu of different cakes to bake.

Nowhere near you though I'm afraid, but good luck!

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