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MLMA -Good or Bad, anyone had any succsess stories with this type of work?

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dietgal Sun 15-Sep-13 12:44:40

Hi, Iv fallen into the MLMA ( I say fallen as so may friens say Iv done the wrong thing) - Honestly like others I used to turn my nose up to it as heard so much bad press etc.

I Started a new diet shake and lost quite a bit in first week (not herbalife)Then Was approached by old colleague to promote with her.

I said no at first however looking into it, I got really excited, there are lots of benefits Im not one for the New Car or you can be millionaire within first few months, need to be realistic, however I think really clever how this company have worked and also so far I have had succses with there product so im like a walking advert.

It fits round my main job thats a must as thats what pays the bills and found difficult getting another job to work around it. Just wondering if anyone has had any succsess or any advice on this subject??

Ohnoitsgonewrong Tue 19-Nov-13 23:31:20

Hi , yeah I know lots of people doing really really well with it , I'm doing it and really really enjoying it .
You need to ignore what negative crap people say they aren't doing it you are , so crack on and enjoy and don't give up that's the only time you fail when you give up .

Sarahf2004 Mon 25-Nov-13 20:17:05

I'm in MLM and love it, not the same one as you. I very much believe if you believe in the product service or whatever it is you are promoting then you will do well. I use what I sell and am happy to sell it to anyone else. My company is a big believer in success attracts success etc, they even suggest that you drop the negative people around you and rub shoulders with positive people.

I am in the process of stepping up my actively in order that I can grow my business and I am just so excited about it.

Keep yourself positive and ignore the negative comments.

Good Luck

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