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Starting up an eco campsite

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fiddlemethis Fri 23-Aug-13 12:29:07

Hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help me get my head around this. I would love to set up a campsite, it would be tent only, no electric. However, I am struggling to get my head around the land aspect, what sort of land would I need to buy? I am assuming people would be able to enjoy walks in the surrounding country due to public rights of way. I basically have no clue about this but really want to learn so I can develop the idea and see if it will be a viable business.
I should probably make it clear that I understand it won't be a big money spinner but I we would be able to buy it all outright so if we can make enough to live on then that would be enough.

noobieteacher Thu 29-Aug-13 12:51:48

Marking my place. I'd like to do that too.

bekind Mon 02-Sep-13 20:30:49

Great idea, I'd like it! I'd recommend getting some idea how any campsite works first, or any other visitor business. You need to work out where and how you would market it - word of mouth takes a long time! You would need planning permission if the site was of any size - if you're thinking of the area you already live in then go and have a chat with the council planning department. Have a look at competition - not just for Eco sites but for all campsites in your area. Is there a gap in the market? Also look at Eco sites elsewhere to see what they offer and how they have set themselves up. Best of luck.

fiddlemethis Mon 09-Sep-13 21:09:48

Thank you, we have been reading and researching and contacting other campsites. The real issue seems to be an element of gambling on being able to get the planning on the land once we have bought it.
I think we would have more chance if we bought somewhere with a knackered property already on it so we could rebuild. Oh its all so difficult, I can understand they dont want people setting up camp here there and everywhere....Finding the right land in the right place is going to prove to be the tricky bit!

vintagecaravanhirelady Sun 13-Oct-13 19:47:40

I'd love to do this as I hire vintage caravans out and it'd be so nice to have them in situ. I've been in contact with a campsite who were fully booked from March-e/o October, they were making about £60k before paying out anything if that helps.

I don't know where you're based but down in Kent where I am land is a nightmare to get hold of at a good price. Planning is a bit of a swine too as you've inevitably got someone nearby who objects to additional traffic/access/noise. But the South East is going to be the hardest to overcome the obstacles in. If you're elsewhere you might be ok.

Have you been to campsites like Wowo in East Sussex? That's mega popular and they add extras such as wood turning courses, foraging etc.

Also if you can't get planning because of neighbours you then hate as a result hire out a field for private camping - think you can do it without planning for 28 days a year and a field some clients hired was £800 for the weekend. Mega cash for no facilities! Couldn't believe it ;)

Selks Sun 13-Oct-13 19:57:56

You could get round planning issues by buying an existing business, although could be more expensive - here

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