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handmade Christmas decorations market stall?

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couldsleepforahundredyears Wed 07-Aug-13 07:03:39


A friend and I are looking to handmake Christmas decorations and sell them on a market stall.

We've never done this type of thing before and we're hoping to (in time) be able to move on and

make clothing and bags etc. But we want to see how we go on this one time venture first.

Does anyone have any advice? How to set up a successful stall, do's and dont's of making and selling, how much stock we would need for one day of selling, etc? Any advice for Christmas selling specifically?

Any tips would be really appreciated

Thanks x

MrsAlwaysRight Thu 08-Aug-13 21:52:20

You will need to sort out public/product liability insurance and register with HMRC.

Make sure you properly cost out your items - cost of materials plus labour.

How you dress your stall is really important to draw people in to take a closer look.

Very difficult to know how much stock you will need.

Good luck! smile

couldsleepforahundredyears Fri 09-Aug-13 07:07:55

Thank you for replying! Very helpful advice. I didn't know about public liability insurance, is it expensive?

I made my first decoration last night...just a little sewn star shape which I stuffed with bottom wool! I looks more like the star fish from spongebob but its a start!

I have a 1 year old and work 2 days a week so it'll be difficult but I'm determined.

I was thinking of making wreaths and other decorations from spray painting pine cones and using holly and evergreen leaves etc...good or bad idea? Maybe I could just use it to decorate the stall.

couldsleepforahundredyears Fri 09-Aug-13 07:46:59

Haha bottom wool should say cotton. Great typo!

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 09-Aug-13 09:35:49

This is quite a useful article about insurance:

I'm insured with G M Imber. I can't remember off the top of my head how much it was, somewhere in the region of £50-60 I think!

It is tricky juggling a small child, day job and trying to find time to make things. You need to be really motivated and organised, try and make the most of when they are napping and in the evening once they've gone to bed. I am definitely lacking on the motivation front and usually the sofa and a glass of wine wins!

couldsleepforahundredyears Fri 09-Aug-13 21:57:29

Thanks for the link. I'll read it tomorrow...I'm currently on my sofa drinking a glass of wine! Haha

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