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Got a few ideas, but no idea where to start...

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annalucy2108 Mon 15-Jul-13 13:48:51

I work at a local JD Wetherspoons in the kitchen (which I despise), and a friend of mine works as a playworker during school holidays only. We're both struggling to find work (I want a new job, she wants a proper term time job). I am getting married in September, and only started planning the nuptials with OH and the help of said friend in March (bit of a shotgun wedding I guess, but why wait ;)).
We weren't so naive as to think anything would come cheap, but we were shocked at just how EXPENSIVE everything is. Naturally we expected venues, DJs and cars to come at a significant cost, but for the finer details we were often flabbergasted. I approached a couple of companies (local start-ups as well I believe) who offered such services as chair covers/ribbons, centre-pieces, table favours, cakes, balloons, silk flowers, invitations...kind of a one stop shop for everything really. But for someone on a REAL budget even they were far too expensive (we're talking over £600 for all that). We ended up doing the vast majority ourselves, which was fun but time consuming. I have four bridesmaids, and getting everyone together to discuss/plan/make things has been a bit of a logistical nightmare. The saving grace has been that we have achieved everything we wanted at a fraction of the cost these companies wanted to charge. I feel there is a real gap in the market for a kind of budget wedding/party planning company, for people who want the service but not the prices. However I have not one ounce of business acumen, and wondered if there were any business savvy mums out there who could point me in the right direction?

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Mon 15-Jul-13 17:14:47

Well it sounds like a great idea in theory....I'm not a wedding planner but I would say that you'd have to build up excellent relationships with all the suppliers of these services in order to to get a price which is below the advertised or general prices.

What they get is your promised returning you strike a deal with a balloon company to say that you will only ever use them but you want it cheaper. The same with need excellent marketing skills too and you've still got to make a profit. So you can't be SO cheap that you can't pay yourself.

A pared down planning service is what you almost a "deal striker" instead of a won't manage to be cheap enough if you're also turning up to venues, staying available through the whole shebang and making sure things go smoothly.

In your situation, I'd be offering a package deal "Venue, decorations, drinks and glasses, chairs....for this price." you can offer three packages...basic, next step up and then premium...but in reality each one just has a few more frills.

apibeeman Mon 15-Jul-13 17:41:30

I have been trying to start up a business for years, and my father tried the same before me. There are so many pitfalls and at the end of the day the big killer is when people will not pay you for the work you have done. Partners and staff let you down. Then there is the taxman.
From all the inventions, schemes, investments, keeping bees and other animals, the only thing that has worked out is keeping free range chickens, everybody wants the eggs, they eat all the food waste, they are easy and little trouble to keep and at the end of the day you can trade the eggs and chickens for other food and cut out the taxman, If all that fails you can kill them and eat them.
That's my advise, forget all the other stuff.

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