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Business idea - telemarketing, East Midlands

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 28-Jun-13 16:15:42

I think it sounds like a good idea and affordable. I would also think it could work as a webinar for a reduced fee which means location isn't an issue..

My only thought is how niche 'how to set up as a telemarketer' is as opposed to 'how to set up as a freelancer'. You would need to be able to find your potential customers or they find you via good online marketing.

Having said that, having a niche is generally a good thing and yours obviously reflects your successful experience.

Go for it!

pinkfelttippen Fri 28-Jun-13 15:33:49

I am a freelance telemarketer and have been self-employed for a number of years. I am currently kicking around an idea.....

I would like to offer training sessions (one day events) to people who are thinking of taking the plunge into being self=employed, specifically becoming a freelance telemarketer.
I would run a pilot in the Newark area and I'm thinking of charging around £100 per person, with an initial cohort of around 12.
Areas covered would include: how to set up, including HMRC obligations, how to win work, where to look for work, networking, how to establish your 'niche', being realistic about what your capabilities are, the law relating to cold-calling, how to write a contract, getting paid etc etc.
The idea is to create financially self-sustaining people who can offer an excellent service to businesses across the UK.
I would also to add value to this offering by giving away 'goody bags' containing leaflets etc from other local businesses that they may need.
I'd really like to know what your thoughts are - if you think it's a stupid idea - just say!
The initial pilot would be in the East Midlands and I would very much welcome anyone's thoughts....
Any feedback is most welcome.

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