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Hardhaton Tue 18-Jun-13 16:21:36

Hi everyone.
I'm thinking of starting a bakery in the village I live in.
I love baking and I miss the old fashioned bakeries. So my idea is to have fresh bread everyday as well as specialist items like wheat free ect.
I do not want to be a greggs or a baker oven. As a family of 6, I use at least 1 loaf a day! I'm sick to death of paying stupid money in supermarkets when its not fresh and full of fat, sugar, and other bad things. The idea will be to produce 1 loaf for the same price or less but be fresh and 'clean'.
I will offer specialist cake survive as well.

So my question is would this be something you would use, if availiable in your area, or would you still use the big supermarkets?

Countrygirlatheart Fri 28-Jun-13 18:25:17

We have a bakery and three shops. It's incredibly hard work. The fixed costs are high. The hours are anti-social. You have to sell a lot of bread to make a profit and there is a limit as to what you can charge for a loaf of bread. The price doesn't always reflect the effort you have to put in! However, there is a demand for craft/artisan bread and it is rewarding running your own business (most of the time). Another thing is even second-hand equipment is expensive. The National Association of Master Bakers could give your further advice. Good Luck!

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