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Ideas for home buisness welcome!

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MrsBombastic Sun 07-Apr-13 16:48:25

OK, so here it is....

I currently work full time for the NHS. I won't go into it but basically I've had enough.

I've always been a working mum due to financial reasons, I would like to work from home but I am struggling to come up with some really good ideas I can utilise that will actually pay the bills.

I've tried Avon and Kleeneze but that doesn't make enough money.

My step children have recently come to live with us permanantly so I have 6 children in the house and I'm struggling at work so I need another way.

Any and all ideas greatfully recieved. Thanks. xx

pod3030 Sun 07-Apr-13 16:49:59


MrsBombastic Sun 07-Apr-13 16:53:49

Thanks Pod but I originally trained as a nursery nurse and I hated it, I know it's not quite the same thing and whilst I have nothing against other peoples children per se it's not my thing.

Also with 6 kids in the house and we are struggling for room I don't see this as a viable possibility.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated. x

AnimatedDad Sun 07-Apr-13 17:06:32

I work form home, and I know from experience that I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. And it's certainly not something you can just slot into the gaps left by the rest of your life.

If you have time and dedication, you could try Buying and selling something you really know about on eBay.

DoingItForMyself Sun 07-Apr-13 17:30:20

What are your talents? that's probably a better place to start than just the geography of where you want to work if you see what I mean!

Is there a specific market, preferably something new, that you are uniquely placed to exploit?

Could you learn a new skill (hairdressing, nails, threading/waxing etc). Are you good with computers/web design/accounts? Can you make things or do alterations?

I started a business 3 years ago delivering recycling bags for food bins to local homes and businesses. It was just started on a whim, as I bought some of the bags myself as soon as the recycling scheme started and I thought "why doesn't someone supply these in bulk to all the local homes which will need them now?" so I did! Its a small business and very 'niche' but it ticks along.

I've also previously run a business selling paper-craft supplies, but this was bought as a going concern from a previous owner and built up over several years, it was off the back of the small handmade greetings card business I ran. I still make cards and paint, which brings in some money, but tbh unless you have an amazing idea, most of these will be pocket money jobs rather than a main income.

If you want to be epically successful you need to choose something you are passionate about as you will be spending lots of time doing it (I've worked all through the night on several occasions, as when the work is there you have to take it, in case you have a quiet few weeks to follow).

MrsBombastic Sun 07-Apr-13 18:40:36

Thanks DoingIt.. That is really useful info,

I have a couple of ideas, one is an idea that people are already doing, It's not something I have any personal experience of and it involves selling a particular product online, just wondering if I could improve the format, the other I have a little experience of and there isn't anything like this or so I'm lead to believe, and it simply involves the upkeep of a website that will be used for information purposes but charges a fee for those wishing to advertise themselves on it, it is very niche as you would say.

I think with me it's also a confidence issue.

I also have Bipolar so I also have to factor that in and it's not easy, as I'm not sure how that will impact on my ability to run my own buisness. Somedays I'm like superwoman and I'm incredibly productive, others can be a struggle, this worries me.

MrsBombastic Sun 07-Apr-13 18:41:25

Hi Animated;

I already buy and sell on ebay but not on a grand scale and I'm not that keen. x

Roseformeplease Sun 07-Apr-13 18:44:00

Can you make use of your NHS experience? Advise people on care homes, on treatment options, offer support (life coaching) but for those with specific illnesses or needs? If you have experience of a particular area then that will help to sell your advice to people.

DoingItForMyself Mon 08-Apr-13 10:26:27

Working from home will probably suit you well then MrsB. I can imagine that having to face the workplace when you are feeling low would be awful, whereas with a less face-to-face job you can bury yourself in admin and research on the quieter days.

It can be quite isolating though, so be aware of that and try to make appointments to get out and about for meetings, if only to pay cheques in at the bank or have a coffee break with a friend once a week, so that you don't end up spending a lot of time alone. Particularly if its an online business, the temptation is to stay in your PJs and start work straight away, but it works better if you can treat it like a 'proper' job, get dressed, set hours, separate home & work life, to keep a good balance. Doesn't always work, but you need to aim for that.

With an online business your website and driving people to it (SEO) are the 2 main concerns so do pay a professional to sort that part out for you. Advertising in the traditional sense has rarely paid off for me, I'm sure it must work for some companies, but PR and getting a good name/word of mouth are the best tools, which is great as they can be free!

I have a friend who runs cooking classes for tots and she attends every local fair/fete/event doing demos and chatting to parents while the little ones decorate biscuits etc. She has a slot on the local radio station, is very active on FB and basically throws a lot of her time and effort into her business. It seems to be working well for her as she is always busy, but there's no let-up, every school holiday she is plugging spare places at her classes, she does parties at the weekends etc - its an ongoing slog to keep it ticking along.

Being self-employed is certainly not the easy option, but it can be flexible, which is worth a lot. Could you start it while still in the security of your current job to see how it goes?

Summer115 Tue 09-Apr-13 02:01:52

I also want to sell something at home. I think maybe I can sell beads online. And I made many panda with beads.

syl1985 Wed 10-Apr-13 01:48:09

Anything you'd do from home would need some time before it could pay all of your bills.

I also work from home. I really love my work, but the start is very hard.

It's like kicking a brick wall. It takes a lot of time to get threw that. At times you'll be exhausted, angry, doubting if what you're doing really will work.

If you can manage to keep trying then the money will come in at some point. It'll be enough to pay your monthly bills and depending on what kind of work you do.
Your income might still be rising for a long time.

I did it and if you really would like to work from home, be self employed and have a nice income. I can honestly say to you. It's all worth the difficulties that you'll have at the start.

When you get threw that brick wall. It's all down hill from there.


MrsPavlick Sat 13-Apr-13 18:20:05

I completely understand your situation, MrsBombastic. I'm in a similar situation - I'm fed up with the City and would love to be able to stay at home. I have just recently started promoting ViSalus ( ).

It's the #1 weight loss platform in the US and it has just recently launched in the UK. I originally joined as a consumer for the weight loss (which is going great!), and that weight loss prompted several of my NCT friends to inquire how I was doing it, and then it sort of snowballed. I signed up to be a distributor (40 quid), and now I'm realising that it could become quite a business venture for me.

I know several (very) successful people in the US, but that talk normally went in one ear and out the next when they spoke about it on facebook (tons of money, millionaires in a year, work from home, blah, blah!). But, I'm giving it a go, and it's going surprisingly well. The company is very supportive and offer quite a bit of advice, but I really like it because it's not so 'in your face / buy buy buy)

It's an easy option to consider - if you know of a few people who are interested in losing weight or in protein shakes. If you get a few people interested, then you can sign up.

Have a look at - there is a video on there that explains it all.

fiddlemethis Sun 14-Apr-13 08:08:09

Have you thought about forever living or neals yard? I attended an event last week selling my eco friendly toys and I met a lady and chap who worked for forever living and they were on the verge of giving up their jobs to do it full time!!

MrsBombastic Mon 22-Apr-13 17:48:22

Thanks for the responses everyone, you've given me a lot to think about!

I haven't been on here recently so I just wanted you to know I appreciate the feedback.

My creative juices are flowing! grin

katebcooper Tue 23-Apr-13 17:51:02

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