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Tailored support 2 successfully have a lodger. How much should I charge?

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HappySad1999 Wed 27-Mar-13 14:48:16

I have well over 10 years experience renting to lodgers. I want to show other how to successfully rent a room to make upto £4250 tax free!

I visit their home and show how to best arrange their home, best way to effectively advertise, how to choose a great lodger and show best way to live with lodger. It is personalised so I will show each person just what they need to know. It runs over a month having about three home visits and on going weekly phone support. After the month is over, I will give two months free telephone support.

How much would you pay for this tailored support?. L et me know roughly which part of England you live as I would expect fees down South to be more. I live in London.

I am looking to charge £600, however promotion %25 discount; so only paying £375. £125 if person only wants sections of support/advice e.g. best way to advise.

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