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Feedback please

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TandC Tue 12-Mar-13 20:59:22

Hi there. I live in London and have an idea for a start up business following 3.5 years at home with two young children and I wondered what you think. I'd like to start up a photography service where I come to your home / party venue to discreetly take observational shots of your friends and family enjoying your special occasion. The kind of shots you might take, but with you in them. I'd come for an hour and deliver a minimum of 40 hi-res digital files, within 24 hours, uploaded to a secure network for you to instantly download. All for £49. Other services would include basic retouching and digital albums.

Photography is a hobby of mine, I'm not a professional and I would make this point clear in my marketing material. I would also demonstrate my style of photography in the marketing literature so people are clear about the kind of photos they will get.

what'd'ya think? I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks a million.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 12-Mar-13 21:02:05

It's too cheap, how on earth can you make money? It's a fabulous idea but with travel between gigs you will only get to one or 2 max in an evening.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 12-Mar-13 21:02:25

Sorry, fabulous idea but triple the price smile

ChocsAwayInMyGob Tue 12-Mar-13 21:03:29

I think it would work if you sold yourself as a "reportage" photographer for parties, anniversaries etc. Don't downplay your lack of expertise too much and offer a money back guarantee.

Also use FB and Twitter and any other media you can to get your name out there. Also write a basic blog and do basic caption competition photos etc

Good luck and I hope none of what I said sounds like I'm teaching my grandmother to suck egg, you've probably already thought of my ideas!

TandC Tue 12-Mar-13 21:46:25

Thank you Laurie! Yes it is cheap, I guess I wasn't looking to make a lot of money in the first instance, focussing on building the brand and my confidence! Also, I would market locally, so small distances to travel. Love it that you think it's a good idea. Love it.

Thank you too Chocs. I like the reportage label but didn't want to sound professional which is why I didn't use that word, and I had thought of money back and social media but hadn't thought of a blog or competitions so all great ideas! Thanks so much. Brilliant.

ChocsAwayInMyGob Fri 15-Mar-13 12:49:20

good luck with everything TandC. I always really admire people who set up on their own. It shows guts and initiative.

givemeaclue Fri 15-Mar-13 12:55:19

You're hired! Great idea and I would also pay someone to sort

Out all my digital photos and also video footage.

BUT YOU ARE too cheap. But could start cheap to build portfolio and client base and then increase prices as business builds

Miller1977 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:21:04

I would increase price as others have already said but perhaps run an offer at a lower rate so that you can build up a portfolio.

makemineaginandtonic Thu 21-Mar-13 20:20:39

Considering your location I would think you could charge more, maybe up to the £100 mark? I personally don't like the idea of having to choose photos from those taken so maybe you could come up with an "all in" price, where the person gets all the photos. My DH thinks the more it costs the better it is, so don't be afraid of charging more, even at the start, I think it creates an air of confidence (even if you are not feeling it!)

GettingGoing Tue 02-Apr-13 22:50:25

It will be difficult to put price up, but you can always bring it down. Why not start with an 'introductory offer' you are comfortable with?

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