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Pre school closing...what can we do!?....

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Badvoc Fri 22-Feb-13 22:56:23

There are 2 staff as one left at Xmas.
There are only 17 kids on the books so to speak ATM.
They do get the funding for 3 year olds.
Part of the issue is that there are 2 other pre schools very close by.
However, there are many new houses being built over the next few months so hopefully more children in the village?
Another issue is that several kids will be going up to reception in sept sad
They dont have any volunteers ATM.
I was thinking of a fundraiser....

MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 22-Feb-13 22:37:39

Sorry to hear that. Nice of you to think about doing something about it though.

Could you organise a fundraiser which also highlights the issue that there are a few spaces etc. Might help with the gap. Tie it into 15 years of the pre-school?

And help by doing more marketing/promoting of the pre-school?

Being a charity will help when it comes to funding applications, but funding typically is offered when the org is deemed to be meeting a need so the demographics of the kids (SEN, BME, disadvantaged). And in this climate orgs that offer funding are overwelmed with applicants.

I would think that persuing charitable status at this point is a distraction which will take time and money.

All of this might be outside of your control as parents but I'd say:

- Has the Council been approached? They tend to have somebody who looks after childcare providers, they might have some suggestions.

- Have the finances been reviewed? Can any money be saved? Can it make money from other orgs coming in eg photographers/french classes.

- How commerically savy is it as an organisation? My DS' private nursery/pre-school wouldn't let you do less than 3 days fyi. And they run a "waiting list" admission system. It gives you the impression that it is the place to get into - all mind games!

- Can the pre-school team up with other providers to raise its profile? Like a baby sensory class, catch parent's before they choose a pre-school.

- Assume they offer the free +3 funding? Do they make this clear, it is big sell.

- Have they compared their org to the other local pre-schools? What are the differences? Can the good bits from the others be copied?

- Do they use volunteers, can they to keep costs down? They need to be careful about replacing jobs with voluntary roles, but extra hands could be used to help with the promotion.

Not sure if this of any help.

Good luck.

Badvoc Fri 22-Feb-13 19:27:27

Not sure if this is the right place to be asking this but here goes...
My sons wonderful pre school is closing in July after being open in the village for 15 years.
Fewer children are attending (recession?), there are 2 other pre schools locally and they can no longer pay the bills (building rent etc)
It's a tragedy
It doesn't affect my son, as he goes up to reception in sept, but it's such a lovely pre school, and I feel so sorry for the staff and children who this will affect.
He deficit is not huge as I understand it, but it needs addressing obv.
What can we - as parents - do?
The manager has already tried re branding and promotion and more children have started recently but only 1 or 2 days.
It has a good ofsted report (recent) and excellent EYFS rating.
It is not currently a registered charity...should it be?
Is there anywhere we could apply for funding?

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